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Naya Rivera Glee, plastic surgery and bigger breasts

The incoming star Naya Rivera Dorsey was born as Naya Marie Rivera, on 12 January, 1987. Her performance is amazing in acting and also singing. When she was a baby with less than one year of age, her mother contracted with a model agent, which also represented her in the model career. Then she moved to Los Angeles from Valencia, California.

…so Hollywood was a little bit impatient. Her career in filming started when she was little, at age four and she started acting before going in school. Are the things in the film industry for her arranged in advance at that time or is she a natural born raising star? That answer you could get in reading and also watching photos following her working periods. Till the entry in a musical comedy Glee, she had small roles in various TV series. She probably had a tip from her manager (that is a suggestion because many stars worked all around jobs) so between the auditions, Naya was hired as a nanny, in cosmetics and selling.

Naya Rivera plastic surgery

The premiere in the Hollywood filming was her debut in the movie At the Devil’s Door. In the latest news that follow her popularity there are some speculations about her plastic surgery. Her fans are fascinated with her look and beauty, but are suspicious that she made a different look for her nose and breasts.
Naya Rivera before and after breast augmentation

She practically wanted a large mole on the chin and bigger breasts. If you see the pictures the difference will be obvious. There are also rumors about her plastic surgery that she had a long make up for a darker and smaller lips. Her figure was like a model, and with plans to have a successful acting role she did her breast bigger. These pictures from her past show when she was jumping from audition to merchandising and the difference is noticeable.

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