Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Procedures

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Procedures

Onika Tanya Maraj popularly known as Nicki Minaj, is an American, singer, rapper and songwriter. She is one of the most influential female rappers of all time, and grabs attention with her wacky sense of styling. Apart from music, Nicki Minaj is always in news for going under the knife! However, just like most celebrities, she rubbishes them off as rumors. Well, her before and after pictures reveal the real deal, and all the speculations are much believed. Following are the alleged plastic surgery procedures she went through.

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

Probable plastic surgery procedures by Nicki Minaj:

1. Facial Features:

Nicki Minaj’s before and after surgery pictures show a distinctive alteration of facial features. Her face looks much more striking than before. She went in for a nose job, known as rhinoplasty. When the media asked, she said it was just makeup! The rapper is not too old to have skin sagging, but she definitely would have had frown lines without a face lift. She makes sure of eliminating all signs of aging, but doesn’t go overboard to make it too obvious. However, the attempts of concealing a face lift didn’t work out too well, and gives her an unordinary appearance.

2. Botox:

Botox operation done by Nicki Minaj is a definite reality. Her shiny face will not let the world catch wrinkles and fine lines, but those have been removed with plastic surgery. She claims to be physically fit and follow strict diets, but nothing natural can leave celebrities with toned faces. Her facial skin looks and feels tighter. It is quite possible that she uses chemicals with Juvederm content in it.

Having a Botox is not uncommon for celebrities to reduce signs of aging. Their celebrity status pulls them into such decisions and having a Botox operation looks pretty evident. She is however, denied the rumors about this too!

3. Butt Implants:

Nicki Minaj butt implants are probably the most obvious of all. Scrolling through the old photographs, we admit that her buttocks were way smaller. The musical video for Anaconda’ clearly proved her butt implants, and that song is also all about having big butts! Nicki Minaj admits to love curves and her fans admit that she looks good that way. However, to most critics, she overdid on this part of her body and her butts are bigger than they should be! None-the-less, it is impossible to grow into a perfectly shaped bottom just like that!

Just like Botox operations, butt implants are not uncommon for celebrities. In fact, it is becoming much more prevalent for any woman to get this done, and enhance their natural curves. However, Nicki’s butt look unnatural and there is no rumor on this note!

4. Breast Implants:

Talking about curves, we cannot miss out her boob job! Nicki Minaj denied her facial alternation, but went silent about the rest of her body. Her fans compared her before and after photographs and spilled the beans on her having breast implants too. Her breasts are now rounder and bigger, and they certainly don’t look natural. A lot of people agree that she went in for a breast augmentation before becoming famous, so there has got to be long history.

Nicki Minaj before and after plastic surgery

Reviews and Reaction on Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

Media and followers are always behind every little detail, and with the most obvious differences, plastic surgery cannot be denied! Nicki Minaj plastic surgery doesn’t seem to meet industry standards. She has either wanted to flaunt her body in the curviest way possible, or her specialist went wrong.

There are innumerable reviews and reactions from people across the globe, and they seem to have mixed emotions about her plastic surgery procedures. Most people think she went overboard with her plastic surgery, but do not deny that she needed it anyway. None of the people would agree with her, on not going under the knife, no matter how much she denies.

There have been a few rare instances where Nicki Minaj expressed that her appearance is to empower the women all over the world. Her friend Coco conveyed that she admitted of not having God-gifted glutes, so got it done unnaturally. Well, there is nothing bad about making alterations in our body, as we all own it. However, not everyone is sporty enough to admit the deed.



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