Nicole Kidman plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman and her plastic surgery procedures

Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgeries

Australian actress and film producer, known well for her role in Bewitched, Nicole Kidman, faces the same fate as any other regular human being. Age. Her celebrity status does not make her an exception to this occurrence. But, her celebrity status does give her the means to fight or cover up her age, very inconspicuously. Though, as of recent, no so inconspicuously.

Over the past few years, Kidman has undergone various types of plastic surgery, as well as received different injections to combat the obvious signs of aging. Who can blame her for wanting to blend in with all of the young, fresh faces that have made their way into the depths of Holywood stardom in the past few years?

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery

It has been reported that Kidman may have undergone a breast augmentation. This is a plastic surgery performed to increase a women’s breast size, sometimes very significantly. This is accomplished by placing breast implants within the breasts to improve the look of fullness and symmetry. There are two options for the type of implant that can be used. One can choose between silicone or saline. Some say that the silicone version of the implants feels more like a real breast. Though, the silicone implants do pose more of a risk for leaking. One should look forward to at least two months of recuperation time after having a breast augmentation. Doctors recommend avoiding any heavy lifting for up to six weeks, post procedure. Risks are a possibility, just as they are with any other type of surgical procedure. Risks such as infection, scarring, or even rupturing of the implant within the breast. If a saline implant is to rupture, the fluid will be safely absorbed into the body. A silicone implant, on the other hand, may or may not leak. Symptoms of this occurrence are not always obvious.

More recently, it has been reported that Kidman had received some botox injections. At a recent film festival, it was noticed that her face seemed particularly puffy, especially her lips as well as under her eyes. Kidman‘s face was also described as being “frozen.” A typical term used to describe one who had recently received a botox injection. For those who are unaware, botox injections consist of a purified form of the botulinum toxin A. Though, one might be afraid of the risk of botulism. This risk is non-existent when the injection is administered properly. Botox injections prove most effective on “dynamic” wrinkles, wrinkles that appear when the face moves, such as while smiling or frowning. As with any other medical procedure, there can be side effects, such as headaches, or bruising at the site of the injection.

Nicole Kidman before and after plastic surgery

It has also been reported that Nicole Kidman underwent a procedure called “laser resurfacing.” This is a treatment used to correct or reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections such as acne scars. This therapeutic treatment uses short beams of pulsating light that remove the blemished skin, layer by layer. Most commonly, the types of resurfacing used are CO2 and erbium. As of today, it is reported that either one of these types of resurfacing molecules can leave very minimal heat damage to the client. Recovery time for either procedure can vary from one to two weeks, at least.
A rhytidectomy, also known as a face-lift, is also on the list of cosmetic procedures that Nicole Kidman has undergone. A facelift is said to be the most extensive way to remove wrinkles or any other signs of aging. The procedure itself is true to its name. The skin of the face is literally lifted off the face, in order for the tissues and skin to be tightened. Then the skin is replaced smoothly over the tissue. The face will be bandaged post operation, for one to two days. A drainage tube may be placed behind the ear for some period of time as well. Stitches will then be removed within five to ten days after the operation.

Nicole Kidman‘s face and body are far from its natural state, to say the least. I supposed one could say that beauty comes at a high price nowadays. Celebrities such as herself, hold, what they feel to be, the significant responsibility of always assuring that they look as beautiful as they feel that their audience expects them to be. With an audience as big as that of Nicole Kidman‘s fans, or any other celebrity who’s face you see in the tabloids on a weekly basis, one can’t blame them for turning to cosmetic surgery to keep up the appearances that they feel necessary to appease the public eye.


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