Nicole Kidman before and after plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery for puffy look

About Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman famous Australian actress and producer was born in Honolulu – Hawaii on 20 June 1967. She started her career with her first partner, famous actor, Tom Cruise. Being 48 years old her youthful look seems unnatural and cosmetic surgeries are probable reason. Going under the knife to keep up with younger celebrities is unfortunately a normal thing in Hollywood. The results are not always expected nor something stars where hoping for like Ali Lohan or Priscilla Presley.


Even thou Nicole Kidman claims she never had plastic surgery, we somehow find that hard to believe. According to her, she only tried Botox injections but she says that she’s got out of it and that she can finally move her face again.
Nicole Kidman after plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman’s probable plastic surgery

Botox – Eyes and cheeks

Nicole’s eyes nowadays look way smaller and her cheeks look bigger. Probably she used facial fillers to add volume. Using it too much can make the eyes appear smaller. In that way eyes appear less open and less attractive. Somewhere around 2006 her lips started to get fuller.

Nicole Kidman Before and after plastic surgery

Breast augmentation

In 2010 Nicole got her first breast job and results were awful. They looked like two half of orange and they looked ridicules. They were too round and too far and even one was higher than another. Right after first showing and walking on red carpet she started to cover them up. In 2014 she did it again. This time surgeon did a better job and her breasts now look more natural and more appealing.

Nicole Kidman before and after breast augmentation


After all these surgeries and procedures the question that appears is – was that right thing to do?
One of the greatest divas in Hollywood is a natural beauty and aging process is something that is awaiting everyone. Did she really need to keep up with new stars and is throwing herself under the knife the answer? Do you like australian girls? Check out our Kylie Minogue plastic surgery page!



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