Nicole Scherzinger plastic surgery

Nicole Scherzinger Pussycat Dolls Plastic Surgery?

Nichole Scherzinger, borne on June 29, 1978 in the Hawaii state of the America, entered into the entertainment industry during her first success after her solo album that shadowed all other works of the actress in the past. Now, she was in the eyes of everyone because of her album with girls group known as “Eden’s Crush”. The fame gave her opportunity to sign her contract with “Interscope Records” in year 2003 and she was now member of the “Pussycat Dolls”. It was consisted only from girls and they released their first album in year 2005 titled “PCD” that is abbreviation of off-course, The Pussy Cat Dolls. Opportunities were never away from this singer, actress and model. Later on, the group gave another dominant album in year 2008, “Doll Domination”. Nicole, gave solo songs like the “When I Grow Up” and with the Indian Ledgend Musician, A. R. Rehman in her movie “Jai Ho”. The song title was “You Are My Destiny”. It gave her solo recognition in the industry. How can we forget her dancing achievements and she won dancing with the Stars season ten in year 2010.

Nicole Scherzinger before and after plastic surgery

Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery

As we have come to know that Nichole is not merely a singer but an actress, super model, dancing queen and TV anchor as well, so she is a complete celebrity personality, indeed. The thirty seven years old lady must be careful for her aging factor and it is just start of her career and much to go ahead. She might have plans and the only fear of aging on her way as main hurdle.

Well, she had been in the custody of many rumors and speculations that she had undergone for some cosmetic surgeries. The success of Nichole Scherzinger runs all around the globe and it is done by the media. The media watchers have compared her recent photographs with her past photos and found huge difference in her face features. The cheek bones were never high like in her recent photos. There is very clear evidence of her cosmetic surgeries on her cheeks to make them high. The smile of this only thirty seven years star has made even more impressive and heart winning. The glamorous star can win your heart with only one smiling gesture.

Nicole Scherzinger before and after plastic surgery

There is lack of wrinkles on her face in her recent photos, which are never photoshopped, for sure. Her complexion has also become much fair. So, Nichole never ever told media for her underground activities regarding her surgeries and BOTOX injections but we have enough evidences to prove our speculations. The cosmetic surgeries and injections have made her face glowing and wrinkles free. The actress is not so young but due to her regular treatments, she is ever young now.

One of the reasons come to our mind is that she is much conscious of her aging factor and she wants to maintain her personality before it gets out of control. She is young and her body has ability to get recovered soon.


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