Nigella Lawson plastic surgery

Nigella Lawson – Is she using plastic surgery?

Nigella Lawson – Is she using plastic surgery?

Nigella Lawson was born in 1960. She is a famous television personality well known as a food writer, a broadcaster, and an English journalist. She has featured in different television shows as a celebrity chef. The most amazing thing is that she looks gorgeous despite her age factor. In fact, she looks 10-15 years younger. Her plastic surgeries are very clear when we look at her before and after pictures since she has changed in terms of appearance. In addition, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that her plastic surgery was done professionally since there are no traces of any procedure that can be seen. This gives her a youthful appearance.

Over the years, she has never accepted having undergone any procedure. Nigella has always defended herself by saying her good looks come from her healthy lifestyle. However, there have been many speculations that she has undergone some procedures like facelift, lip job, Botox injections, laser treatment and hair transplant. Let’s look at each in details;

Nigella Lawson plastic surgery

Lip job

If you look at some photos of Nigella taken a few years ago, you will notice a big difference. Her lips have been reshaped and look more puffed up. This gives her unnatural look. The lips make her look like a woman who is in her 40’s hence creating the possibility to have undergone a lip job. However, there have been critics that her lip job looks like it was overdone. This has made her pictures get some harsh comments.

Botox injections/facial fillers

Over the years, this procedure has worked well with older people by eliminating all wrinkles. There are rumors that Nigella has undergone Botox injections since there are no traces of wrinkles in her face. She looks youthful and has a pretty face. As a woman who is in her late 50’s yet, there are no traces of wrinkles, it raises some questions. In addition, her face shows no sign of sagging. Further, if you look at her before and after photos, the cheeks looks more full hence she must have had fillers injection.

Laser treatment

Considering Nigella’s age, there are no traces of any dead skin. If you look at some photos taken some years back, she looked more overworked. Today, her skin looks healthy, smooth and fresh. This gives us a hint that she may have done skin laser treatment. This has left her with no signs of aging.

Nigella Lawson before and after plastic surgery

Hair transplant

If you look at before and after photos of Nigella Lawson, she had some bald spots. Today, those spots have disappeared. Since people tend to lose hair with age, she must have done hair transplant since she has no signs of baldness. According to dermatologists, many women who are of her age are likely to lose hair.

Though she has never agreed to the plastic surgery rumors. She has always stated that the mystery behind her youthful appearance is proper diet and a lot of exercises. Regardless of rumors, many fans are still on her side. Even though her lips were not given the best shot, she is a good example of a well-done plastic surgery that had a good outcome. There is no doubt that Nigella Lawson beauty has made her the star she is today.


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