Nina Dobrev plastic surgery

Nina Dobrev speculations about going for plastic surgery

Nina Dobrev speculations about going for plastic surgery

Nina Dobrev was born on 9th January the year 1989 in Sofia Bulgaria. She studied at J.B. Tyrrell Senior Public School. Nina took jazz and ballet classes and also competed in the rhythmic gymnastics. She later went to Wexford Collegiate School for Arts in Scarborough and then to Ryerson University where she pursued a sociology. Nina left college in the year 2008 to pursue an acting course. In the year 2006, Nina Dobrev made her first role as Monica in the film called Away from Her. She also featured on Degrassi TV Series as Mia Jones in the same year. Nina has featured in many other movies such as Too Young to Marry, Mookie’s Law, The Border, Merry Madagascar, and The Vampire Diaries just to mention a few. She also won the Teen Choice Awards and the Favorite Dramatic TV Actress for the People’s Choice Awards.

Nina Dobra Plastic Surgery Rumors

Apart from the things we know about Nina, speculations about her going for plastic surgery procedures have become a major topic, and as a famous star, Nina cannot avoid this rumor. Furthermore, plastic surgery is no longer a rare thing to many celebs which makes the speculations about her breast augmentations and nose job to be true.

Nina Dobrev plastic surgery

Nina Dobrev Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty has become a trend in the modeling and fashion world to many female and male celebrities. Many people speculate that Nina has had a nose job, and looking at her before and after pictures, it seems that the rhinoplasty rumor is true. Her recent pictures show her nose having a narrower bridge as well as a sharp tip which is not the case with her before pictures. Nina has remained a favorite actress to many people around the globe, and that is the reason her fans believe she went for a nose job to retain her gorgeous looks. The nose job was meant to remove a small quantity of cartilage on the bridge and tip of her nose. The outcome looked natural and also nicely fitted the shape of her face.

Nina Dobrev Breast Augmentation

There are also rumors that the 28-year-old actress has gone for breast implants. At her young age, it is hard to tell whether she has gone for breast implants or not. However, her recent pictures show her having bigger and rounder breasts compared to her before pictures. Some people believe that growth effect has made her breast bigger, but others believe it is a result of plastic surgery so as to enhance her appearance in front of cameras. Also, Nina’s bra size is 34B which is a bit bigger size compared to what she used to wear.

Nina Dobrev before and after plastic surgery

Nina Dobrev Makeup

Nina has a perfect skin with or without makeup. In her before and after photos, we see her having no bags under her eyes, premature aging or wrinkles which she would want to hide. It is believed that she just use makeup’s to enhance her looks for her daily celebrity status life.

Whether Nina Dobrev has gone for plastic surgery or not, the 28-year old actress remains remarkably pretty with a well-toned face, lovely eyes as well as a seductive charm. Her fans believe that the plastic surgery procedures made her even look more attractive than she was before going on stage.


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