Rhinoplasty (nose job) - before and after cosmetic procedure

Nose plastic surgery – rhinoplasty

Most important things to consider prior to nose surgery

Considering a nose cosmetic surgery is definitely a big thing and level of grange that it brings i people lives is huge. There is no guarantee for the final outcome, as with any type of medical procedure. Cosmetic surgery is a serious act or decision and has become a big enterprise today that should not be undertaken without serious consideration of whether it was on the treatment of varicose veins or surgeries of ears or breast augmentation, nothing should be left neglected.
Rhinoplasty is one of the more common plastic surgeries performed. When, of course, performed by a competent plastic surgeon any complications are usually minor or non-existent, and most patients are very satisfied with the results.

Rhinoplasty  (nose job) - before and after plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty – plastic surgery procedure

Rhinoplasty is a procedure used to reshape the nose. You can make a wider nose narrower, narrower nose wider, if necessary, change the tip of the nose, remove a hump if any, change the projection of the nose and in some cases, rhinoplasty can help patients who have had and are having trouble breathing.
Do not attempt to go for a surgery modeled on the celebrities thinking that You wanna look like them as an example of when the in United States everyone wanted new nose just like Jennifer Aniston, unfortunately it does not work that way. Each of us has a unique face and nose that fits someone else does not mean it will fit someones face and profile.
Be realistic when you talk to your plastic surgeon. Do not expect perfection – perfection means something different for each person. Expect real improvements for a reason.
The most important thing you can do once you’ve decided to take surgery of any kind of plastic surgery is to choose a plastic surgeon. You can get referrals from friends or family.
Perhaps your family doctor will be able to recommend a good plastic surgeon in your area. Want to make sure your plastic surgeon has a very good reputation and is properly licensed for all procedures performed.

Of course every office plastic surgery has its own book of pictures – successful operations and happy patients. Ask free to contact patients directly to your surgeon and discuss their experiences with the plastic surgeon and his staff.


Rhinoplasty (nose job) - before and after cosmetic procedure

You should also make you inquire at least another doctor or plastic surgeon to get at least two opinions. Use your intuition also because she will rarely deceive us.
How did the doctor reacted to your questions?
Does it take time to fully answer all of your questions, or he / she does not perceive You seriously enough?
Has the doctor thoroughly examined all potential risks associated with rhinoplasty?
Has he also thoroughly described what you can expect before, during and after surgery so You can choose what is best for You?
All of these questions require answers strengthened and are essential in order that you choose the best for yourself.


Rhinoplasty (nose job) - before and after cosmetic procedure

Are You thinking of doing rhinoplasty? Tell us why and what is Your opinion!


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