Pamela Anderson plastic surgery

Pamela Anderson and Plastic Surgery

The beautiful actress, Pamela Anderson is famous for her role in Baywatch. The different plastic surgeries done by this sizzling actress caused ripples among celebrity gossipers and her fans. Rumors has it they she has gone through a series of plastic surgeries. We are sure she had her reasons for taking such drastic steps.

When you compare Pamela Anderson old pictures with her current ones, the changes are very prominent. She underwent different procedure in order to enhance her looks. The changes caused by these procedures are hard to miss. Let’s start with her breast augmentation surgery.

Pamela Anderson before and after plastic surgery

Pamela Anderson before and after Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

According to speculation, Pamela Anderson had a breast implant done. She wasn’t satisfied with her natural size, so she decided to take herself under the knife and get bigger breast. The rumors started when people started to compare her current pictures with her old pictures, the change in her breast size was very prominent. Although, most of her fans loved the change, but there were some who were against it. It seems, Pamela herself wasn’t satisfied by the results, because she got the implant removed. When she was inquired regarding the drastic changes in her breast size, she said she was more comfortable with her original size so she had her breast reduced in size. This also means that she accepts the fact that she went through breast augmentation surgery. Nonetheless, since almost every celebrity is getting plastic surgeries done, it hardly matter if Pamela has also gotten it done.

Lip Job

The stunning actress is in her late 40s, but she looks years younger than her age. Her beautiful features are intact and there are no wrinkles on her face. Having no wrinkles on your face without cosmetic help is hard to believe especially at this age. It has been reported that Pamela gets a regular injection of Botox. Her lips now seem to be fuller when compared to her old pictures and all thanks to the lip job that she had.

Nose Job

Next in line is her nose that has also evolved over time. Her nose seems to be more feminine now and it has a defined tip. However, her original nose is different from what she has now. So, we can say that she even got her nose job done. Her face seems to glow more when compared to her old face and this indicates that she has undergone a facial surgery as well.

Pamela Anderson before and after plastic surgery

This entirely new appearance of Pamela Anderson is the result of different plastic surgeries and it is way different from her natural looks. All these plastic surgeries have changed her looks to an extent that she seems to be a completely different person. What we don’t understand is why didn’t she prefer her natural beauty, after all that was the reason behind her success in the first place. Many of her fans prefer her old looks, but then there are many who fell in love with her new looks. The only thing that matters in the end is whether Pamela Anderson is happy with her looks or not and it seems she is in love with her new appearance.


What do You think about Pamela Anderson plastic surgery? Would she be prettier if she remained natural? Leave a comment!



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