Paris Hilton plastic surgery

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Issues

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Issues: Did She Went Under the Knife to Correct Her Body?

Being a heiress socialite and prominent figure in Hollywood, Paris Hilton has created a constant buzz on the entertainment and business world, thanks to her acting stints, product line releases, business endeavors and a share of her own scandal involvements.

With too many things going on at the same time, Paris Hilton has maintained her mega-status fame while carefully dodging controversial issues that previously tainted her Hollywood name during her young and carefree days.

Paris Hilton plastic surgery

While Hollywood labeled her as a figure who is “famous simply for being born famous”, she has taken advantage of all the popularity and used all the chance she got to propel herself to an even more popular celebrity status, thanks to her constant appearance in news and magazine headlines.

Paris Hilton and Her Stand on Plastic Surgery

When asked about her involvement with plastic surgery, Paris has constantly denied going under the knife a couple of times during various shows and interviews. She said she has nothing against these kinds of procedures and she was noted for being happy for all her other friends who have undergone surgeries on their body.

When asked about her own opinion, she mentioned that she prefers not to do it, thanks to the influence of her mother who has been her adviser on these topics. Kathy Hilton constantly instructed her daughter to “keep it natural” at all costs.

However, recent images have surfaced, prompting us to question whether she remained true to her claim, just lied about not having one, or eventually changed her mind and went to have a go at it just like some celebrities who want to correct perceived flaws to fit their own standards of perfection.

Listed below are just some of the possible plastic surgery procedures Paris went through. And whether these claims are true or not, these are all for you to decide.

Before and After

Breast job. Has Paris Hilton underwent some breast augmentation procedure? Although the heiress admits there were times when the lure of breast augmentation has been too strong, she cancels out the procedure at the last minute due to some personal issues.

In some occasions, she was seen having bigger breasts in tight-fitting long-sleeved shirts. However, after a few days, pictures would emerge showing the actress donning her usual flat chest. A person close to the star confirmed that Parisbigger breast size can be attributed to the use of push up bras.

Nevertheless, her recent appearance last 2015 confirmed the big change in her breasts size. She was seen in her Instagram page taking a selfie wearing a robe, hinting a generous amount of cleavage as she poses for the camera. While she didn’t confirm nor deny the existence of such surgery, anybody can tell the difference between her before and after breast size.

Lid surgery. Paris Hilton is known to have a drooping lid on her left eye, which rumors said to have been caused by a surgery procedure. However, a validation whether the actress has undergone another method to correct this condition is still not confirmed.

The actress is seen in her Instagram page posting different selfies which still shows a hint of still having a drooping eyelid on her left eye. However, due to make-up and some angled shots, this is still yet to be confirmed.

Nose job. Paris has a long and pointed nose tip, which some sources claimed to have undergone some surgery to reduce its size in order to make it appear slimmer and smaller. Some sources claimed that Paris used to have wider nasals and a rounder nose tip in contrast to her now perfectly-chiseled nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery is very common in Hollywood and some celebrity figures have been outspoken about undergoing such procedure. However, Paris has kept mum about her involvement with this surgery, leaving people guessing whether she has gone through rhinoplasty, or just perfected an excellent way of contouring her nose with the help of make-up.

Paris Hilton before and after plastic surgery

Did She or Did She Not?

Whether Paris Hilton stayed true to her word or not, the media keeps on guessing about the celebrity’s stand on plastic surgery. Though some images have shown drastic changes to her nose, lid and breasts size, these are still yet to be confirmed by the actress herself and her publicist.

Some stars are famous for admitting their involvements on some procedures to correct perceived flaws. On the other hand, Paris Hilton is known for not confirming or denying different issues addressed against her and her plastic surgery involvements.


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