Paris Hilton plastic surgery

Paris Hilton denies any sort of plastic surgery

Paris Whitney Hilton popularly known as Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton who was the founder of Hilton hotels. She is a famous American socialite, singer, actress, writer, model, and DJ, businesswoman and television personality. She has a well-managed life throughout her professional career and she has achieved several milestones in her life. Being a perfectionist in her practical life, Paris Hilton claims to hold the same caliber as far as her natural beauty is concerned.

The 34 years old socialite-turned-DJ denies any kind of rumors regarding her undergoing a plastic surgery to maintain her beauty. She says that all these gossips are just false assumptions and she totally denies any kind of plastic surgery. Paris Hilton confirms that she has not yet allowed any knife to touch her skin.

Paris Hilton plastic surgery

According to a famous paper, New You Magazine, Paris Hilton stated in an interview that she had never taken any sort of plastic surgery in her life. She further explained in her interview that she always followed her mother’s advice and took precautionary measures since her early age. She said that she avoided going into direct sunlight while her friends fried in the sun every day and, as a result, all of her friends look much older and all have Botox. According to Paris Hilton, these little tips of her mother helped her to maintain her natural beauty.

Paris Hilton further added that she consulted her dermatologist when she was thirty years old about plastic surgery. She inquired her dermatologist whether she should go for a plastic surgery like Botox or not. But her doctor advised her to stay away from the process of plastic surgery because according to her doctor, Paris Hilton does not require the procedure of plastic surgery as she has a perfect skin. Paris Hilton feels very happy about this fact and she says that she is completely satisfied with her current figure. She says that her friends had undergone various kinds of plastic surgeries to improve the shape of their nose, breasts, chin and cheeks etc. She feels that all these things are a part of Hollywood lifestyle and she is also a part of Hollywood community. She says that she sees such things regularly, but she has always kept herself away from these messy things in the past and she has no interest or requirement of any kind of plastic surgery in the future.

Paris Hilton before and after plastic surgery

Well, all that she says is nice but photos that can bee seen all around internet tell a completely different story. Even if we can be 100% sure about using Botox, her nose and breasts have definitely changed. After rinoplasty her nose looks tinier and its shape has definitely changed. Same thing can be said about her breasts that are now bigger and fuller than before.

As a matter of fact, Paris Hilton is a very down to earth, gentle, sweet and compassionate lady who is planning to get married soon. It is an evidence of her simplicity that she openly expresses her feelings about her marriage and making a family which she thinks is the ultimate dream of a girl. In my opinion, denying plastic surgery from Paris Hilton is unexpected because she is so simple and elegant. I think she should have admitted it with an open heart because some of them are 100% visible.. She is a straightforward lady and I wouldn’t expect any lies from her.

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