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Koreans and cosmetic surgery had been nice topic for the individuals particularly the K-pop lovers. The face lifting and plastic surgery is a business that never runs out of patients in Korea. Individuals from early teenage years attend surgeons to receive their gifts of artificial beauty. Adding lid and creating slim nose bridge are common things in Korea. You would possibly keep in mind Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Lee Da Hae etc. who went for plastic surgery and got great results. However not all Korean celebrities have successful cosmetic surgery results.


Park Bom is a very fashionable singer from Asia. She was born is Seoul, and she is thirty years old. She immigrated to the USA, learned the language, and have become the 2NE1 main vocalist. She isn’t solely a singer, she is additionally a dancer and actress. Park Bom had many solo singles, and one of her songs became the popular single in her homeland. Her career positively is superb, and she is incredibly gifted and dedicated to it. She explicit many times that her musical influences and idols are Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey, and these women inspired her to become even better. She is mainly R’N’B and pop singer.
Park Bom

Park Bom confessions

When speculations regarding Park Bom plastic surgery procedures started, individuals wished to understand the reasons why she did it. Was she extremely set to alter her appearance with the assistance of the plastic surgeons? She said that individuals ought to investigate the story a little more before they begin to judge her. She stated that it was necessary to do a number of surgeries because of lymph node. She explicit said that a lot of thing individuals say and write round the web regarding her were merely false. The sole reason she went under the knife was to enhance her health. If that’s the reality, the biggest question is, why she did the surgery on nearly every part of her face? Does one assume her statements were true or not? Did she simply tried to justify herself?

Park Bom before and after plastic surgery

Plastic surgeries Park Bom did

One of the explanations individuals talked regarding her looks where the rumors regarding Park Bom plastic surgery procedures. Actually, nobody was that stunned, as a result of cosmetic surgery business is incredibly popular in Asian nation. Individuals of all ages, even the teenagers’ are going under the knife once they need to alter something. That was clearly also the case with Park Bom.

There is a clear distinction within the look of this girl. If you take a better look at Park Bom before and after photos, you may come back to the conclusion that she isn’t a same lady she once was. She definitely went under the knife. There are many procedures she had like Facelift, Eyes job, Chin job and breast augmentation.


Many folks apprehend that Korean people have slim eyes. And from several cases of plastic surgery the patient did lid surgery to refresh their eyes and created them a lot bigger. Park Bom had done an equivalent thing. Her eyes look a lot open now. The double eyelids are the main proof of her plastic surgery. You may notice that her debut footage are whole completely different from today’s footage.


She also did a nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty). Currently her nose is narrower and has unsymmetrical form. Also, her nose is little pointier. She contains a completely different nose form from months past compared to these days.

Lip and chin

Park Bom lip these days appearance full and thick. She had to use a lot fillers to achieve that. The form of her lips appearance is now weird and unnatural. Although it’s simply a tiny part of her face, it provides strange result. Her face currently appears funny. The chin implant is also noticed as a problem. Her current chin appearance is unsymmetrical. This can be another useless plastic surgery that she did.

Park Bom before and after cosmetic procedures

Breast implants

Park Bom also did a breast implants plastic surgery and it was criticized by many of us, particularly her fans. She got too huge breasts. They do not match with her tiny body. You would possibly assume that she looks horribly now. Her huge breast did not increase her sexual level. She currently appears fat.

Park Bom before and after breasts augmentation


Fans from everywhere around the planet were quite disappointed with her new look. A number of them even bully her on a daily bases. Individuals told her she appears like a living zombie, and that she utterly destroyed her beauty and charm she used to have. Her fans are discussing will she be able to stop using plastic surgery procedures before she totally ruins her looks. They think that she already has done enough. Modifications are incredibly visible, and Park Bom plastic surgeries are noticeable. The very fact is, individuals don’t trust her once she says that the sole reason was the medical purpose, and as a result of surgeries she has an utterly and completely different face. She isn’t the only celebrity that destroyed her natural appearance. Apparently, her needs and wishes regarding her looks were unreal.

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