Paul Mccartney plastic surgery

Paul McCartney using plastic surgery to remain Forever Young?

Paul McCartney is using plastic surgery to remain Forever Young

The human race has already been able to achieve a lot of advances in technology, one of the most amazing and notable of which is plastic surgery. Back then, people are forced to work with whatever disability (either inborn or as a result of accident) they are struck with. But nowadays, every conceivable part of the body that you can think of can now be restored, reconstructed, or altered, whether it be for medical or aesthetic purposes. But first, let’s go over the basics of plastic surgery and bust some myths surrounding it.

Plastic surgery is the umbrella term that encompasses a lot of practices, some of the more common ones (but not limited to) being cosmetic/aesthetic surgery (improving overall appearance), reconstructive surgery (restoring the form and function of the body), and craniofacial surgery (fixing deformities of the head, face, and neck areas). This is important to know as many people have this certain misconception of plastic surgery as being “purely for aesthetic purposes”. One factor that contributes to this thinking is that mass media such as television, print news, and the internet usually only cover news about plastic surgery if it involves celebrities who have “gone under the knife” to make themselves look better.

Paul Mccartney plastic surgery

Now that we’re on the subject of cosmetic surgery, another misconception is that it is only the females who go through the process of altering body parts to look good. Over the years, men have also learned to give more care and importance to their looks and it is no wonder that they have also joined the bandwagon for youthful looks.

Among the few male celebrities who are either rumored or known to have had plastic surgery is a member of the legendary British band The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney. He is now 74 years old but taking a look at his current appearance still exhibits great signs of looking fresh and youthful. Aside from trying to hold onto his youth since he was the most handsome member of the band, it is believed that he has undertaken some plastic surgery in order to look younger for the sake of his wife, Nancy Shevell, who is twenty years younger. These changes are evident in some of his before and after photos. Some of the speculated surgeries are the following:

Paul Mccartney before and after plastic surgery

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

This is the reshaping of the eyelids for a more youthful look. Before, Paul used to have drooping eyes caused by his excessively heavy eye bags. Now, his face generally looks more rejuvenated since his eyes no longer show the effects of being old.

Botulinum toxin (botox)

Just like any aging person, Paul is not immune to wrinkles (especially in the forehead) and frown lines between the eyebrows. Now, his forehead looks a lot firmer, shedding off a few years from his actual age.

Hair transplantation

For males, the hair is the crowning glory and it contributes to the overall look of the person. But as men age, it is an established fact that hair loss becomes more prominent. Paul shouldn’t be any different from this but he still manages to have his full locks which is attributed to a successful hair transplant.


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