Paula Abdul plastic surgery

Paula Abdul and plastic surgery

Paula Abdul Plastic Surgeries

Paula Abdul was born on 19th June 1962 in San Fernando, California. Paula showed an interest for dancing while still in her early age when she later started the same lessons at the age of 8. Paula was a hardworking student, and by the time she joined Van Nuys High School she was a cheerleader and an honor student. While at the age of 15, Paula received a scholarship to Palm Springs Dance Camp where she featured in the Junior High School musical film in the year 1978. Paula is an American multi-platinum Grammy-winning singer, dancer, actress, choreographer as well as a television personality. Paula became a choreographer for many big celebs. Abdul later launched a recording career after choreographing the Control film by Janet Jackson. She also featured in movies like Forever Your Girl, Straight Up and others.

Paula Abdul plastic surgery

Has Paula Abdul had plastic surgery?

It is hard to believe that a celeb of 54 still has an amazing youthful looking face that any other woman would desire to have, but overall it is not all natural as such. Paula is seen to have had many plastic surgery changes which many people believe has kept her moving all these years in her business.


Paula is speculated of having a nose job which is evidenced by her before and after pictures. Paula’s before photos show he having a broad nose as well as a wider tip too. Her recent pictures show Paula having a downsized nose and a narrower tip. When you compare her pictures, you will see the obvious signs of nose job surgery which is more downsized, smaller and perked up compared to her previous nose which was round at the tip and also wide. Her nose job has made her new nose suit her face well and also given her stunning looks.


Botox and Fillers

It is also speculated that Paula has had cheek fillers and Botox as well which is the contributing factor to her full face and youthful looks. We know that women of her age already show aging signs, but this is not what we see in Paula. Paula’s recent photos show her having a fuller face which is the reason she took Botox injections and fillers to get rid of any aging signs. She looks great in her new look because her Botox seems not to have been overdone. Botox and fillers have also made her eyebrows remain high.

Paula Abdul before and after plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

We are not sure about Paula’s breast implants because it would be hard for a 54-year-old to consider having breast implants surgery. However, in her early ages, Paula was not seen to have a flat chest; actually, she had big and full breasts, although after some years her breasts started sagging. When you compare her before and after pictures, you will notice that her breasts have remained full and firm which can only be caused by breast implants.


It is not a speculation that Paula is no stranger to plastic surgery procedures even if we have never heard her talking about it. Her plastic surgeries have made her remain quite good even at the age of 54.


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