Paula White plastic surgery

Paula White christian evangelist and plastic surgery?

Paula White is an International Christian evangelist in the New Destiny Christian Center Church. She is considered to be a very popular woman. She is a woman who has hosted a TV show which is called Paula White Today. Paula is 49 years old.


The lady is thought to have undergone a plastic surgery to make her get a perfect look. The surgery was intended to make her appearance look youthful and fresher. She underwent some plastic surgery like Botox injection, fillers, cheek implants and facelift. The procedures were part of her rejuvenating program. She underwent the plastic surgery because of her age. She is also thought to have undertaken the surgery because of her constant appearance on TV.

Paula White before and after plastic surgery


When you look at Paula White photos before and after the surgery you will observe big differences in her appearances. At the age of above 40 you expect the lady to have wrinkles on her face. Right now her face is soft, smooth and so youthful (without any appearance of aging effects). There is also a speculation that her hips were injected with filler injections to make her look younger (not like a 40 year-old woman). At the very first look anyone will say that Paula is 28 years old.
Paula White before and after plastic surgery
It is also assumed that the lady was not comfortable with has small-sized breasts and that’s why she also seems to have gone under a breast implant surgery and her new breast are rounder and are in a nice shape compared top how they looked before the surgery. Some of her fans also criticize her surgery processes and they think that she lost her pretty natural look.

Paula White before and after plastic surgery

It can be seen that her plastic surgery programs were successful though some plastic-surgery-experts think that she did not have to undergo any surgical processes to look more attractive.
They say think that good excise and diet can also lead to her changes in appearances.


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