Paz de la Huerta plastic surgery

Paz de la Huerta plastic surgery rumors or truth?

Paz de la Huerta is an American model and actress with Mexican heritage. She is most recognized for her role in the television series, “Boardwalk Empire” as Lucy Danziger. With her ranking in society as an established actress and model, there are bound to be rumors of cosmetic surgery, and in her case, it may be more than a rumor. Let’s explore Paz de la Huerta’s plastic surgery adventure before and after.

Who is Paz de la Huerta?

Like previously stated, de la Huerta is a famous actress and model who currently resides in New York. In 2002, she caught her first large break in receiving a role in the film, “A Walk to Remember”. Eventually she landed another large role in the 2008 film, “Choke”. She appeared in many television shows and films before landing her iconic role in the HBO hit, “Boardwalk Empire”.

Paz de la Huerta plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery and Social Status

Paz de la Huerta is someone who possesses the natural look of beauty. With that said, it can be rather easy to spot if someone has had any sort of cosmetic enhancements with her look. One of the staple enhancements she has received is filler in her lips. Lip fillers is specifically designed to target the lips to enhance their size and fullness. This has caused de la Huerta to have a very unnatural look in her lips, completely throwing off the rest of her appearance.

Another rumor floating around concerning de la Heurta’s appearance is the thought that she may have received breast implants. In her recent shoot with professional photographer Terry Richardson, who has done many shoots with celebrities with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, many people noticed something odd in many of the pictures. She often covered her left breast, only revealing her right one, leading people to believe that she underwent a rather unsuccessful breast implant procedure. Also, there are photos that do clearly show that her left breast hangs much lower than her right as well.

Paz de la Huerta before and after plastic surgery

With all of this combined, it has made her whole entire figure look unproportioned. It is most definitely clear in any before and after photos of de la Heurta that she has had some form of cosmetic procedure to “enhance” her appearance. However, despite all of these allegations, she still has a large following and hasn’t really disputed against the rumors. This alone can be a clear sign that not only are the plastic surgery rumors true, but that we may actually hear a confession from de la Heurta herself.

She is also a women that can be a bit spontaneous at times. De la Heurta is never too shy to reveal her body to the world, showing off her care-free spirit, which has to be admired in some way. Even despite the clarity that before and after plastic surgeries have convinced most people that she has underwent cosmetic operations, Paz de la Heurta continues to land major roles and is growing more in popularity with her outrageous acts at time and her obvious decline into a deep obsession with plastic surgery.


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