Pete Burns plastic surgery

Pete Burns 300 plastic surgeries and his death

Peter Burns plastic surgery has now become a hot topic of discussion among his legion of fans plus a number of celebrity watchers in different forums. After his death on 23 October 2016 after a tragic cardiac arrest, the question that people ask is: Did his death had anything to to with his plastic surgery?

What Went Wrong With Pete Burns Plastic Surgeries?

Pete Burns was renowned for his ever-changing, and often androgynous appearance. This, he admitted freely, was modified greatly by plastic or cosmetic surgery. Pete Burns claimed during an interview he didn’t even know the number of plastic surgeries he’s undergone, probably around 300 hundred!


He also had extensive polyacrylamide injection onto the lips, several rhinoplasties and tattoos, plus cheek implants.


Burns revealed, in early 2006, in an interview that he had spent majority of his life’s savings on 18 months of reconstructive surgery after a plastic surgery on his lips went wrong. And in January 2007, he revealed the he was intending to sue the plastic surgeon for $1 million who carried out the faulty lip surgery.

In March 2009, he was admitted to a London hospital when he collapsed from kidney condition. Burns was diagnosed with 7 large kidney stones which were taken out with laser surgery.

Ever since it was reported he had a bad plastic surgery, there have been several pictures of Pete Burns before and after plastic surgery uploaded on internet. A number of individuals say that his face looked like a monster out to frighten children!

Nevertheless, people are still wondering about Pete Burns’ plastic surgery procedures, what kind did of them did he use an why. Therefore, what kinds of plastic processes he undergo?

Types of Plastic Surgeries Pete Burns Underwent

Based on a number of sources, Pete Burns had excess lips enhancement. Therefore, his lips looked over-plumped as reported by DailyMail magazines.

Luckily, for Pete’s lawsuit against Dr. Maurizio Viel for his botched lips surgery, he was granted an indemnity of 450,000 Euros. He also revealed he would continue having plastic surgeries notwithstanding a string of botched operations.

Having botched appearance after a plastic surgery gone wrong has continued to haunt several Hollywood celebrities, and Pete Burns in particular. But even though the results he craved for might have turned out negatively, it should be noted that when you are going for a cosmetic procedure, be prepared to accept two probabilities, best or worse. Thus, prior to deciding to get a plastic surgery procedure, it’s recommended that you should prepare well, and consult with experts plus a qualified plastic surgeon.

After having successfully won the lawsuit, Pete Burns reportedly planned on getting further plastic surgery procedures to help refine his previous bad cosmetic surgery.

And based on a number of sources, Pete Burns was reported to received eyes surgery and mini facelift. The singer confessed this himself in an exclusive interview that he had received eyes surgery and mini facelift to repair his slanted eyes.


We can say for sure that this was definitely a plastic surgery gone wrong. Yes, lip surgery has been a bad job, i can understand a few surgeries to correct badly done lip surgery but 300 operations?

I think that plastic surgerons should advice people when to stop and when is enough. The appearance of Dead or Alive Singer actually nearly ruined completely. His appearance at the end was totally different from what it used to be. He looked weird, and even a bit horrible.


If you are wondering if plastic surgery had anything to do with his death, at this moment is too early to say, but for sure 300 operations had a huge impact on him. Injecting botox and silicone, using cheek implants and going under knife for so many times can leave a permanent damage. At the end, his songs and music remain forever…

R.I.P. Pete Burns



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