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Priscilla Presley – plastic surgery disaster

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery disaster 2015


… passing through many rumors about plastic surgery in Priscilla Presley’s history, you will find here the resilient story of that. In the film industry she was established as a role in the movie The Naked Gun and series Dallas, even through the world known as the wife of the king RNR Elvis Presley. She was born 24th May in 1945 and is the co-founder and former chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises.


Most famous location that follows the career of Priscilla Presley’s is obviously Graceland, for which we can surely say that has become an independent tourist destination visited by countless fans.

Priscilla Presley before and after plastic surgery

That thing is certainly a stunning part of the story, while the second side is her fall in the show-biz also related with her plastic surgery. With the idea that will be more younger using Botox, she got stuck into a situation that made her face looking still slightly distorted. In that time, when she went under the knife, her surgeon did not have proven expertise and methods were not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved in the USA.

Priscilla Presley before and after plastic surgery

Before and after plastic surgery

In her plastic surgery surgeons used the silicone that is also used in polishing cars, so in preventing the sensitive feeling the specialist must be very careful to treat – because it causes lumpiness that in the advanced ways must be treated and smooth to decrease. Her face is in many details changed after such careless operation and is cause of many headaches to affirmed plastic surgeons in the United States.

Priscilla Presley before and after plastic surgery 6

She had a lot of therapy to try to normalize her face after the awful result of the plastic surgery in 1999, 2004 and 2009. Plastic operations are like a lifestyle in Hollywood, and somebody who wants to do it should have a clear vision what happened to Priscilla.

Priscilla Presley before and after plastic surgery 7

If you look at the pictures you will see her face in the time when she was with Elvis, before the plastic surgery until today.

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