Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery

Priyanka Chopra perfect plastic surgery for miss world!

Priyanka Chopra – Introduction

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most gorgeous ladies of bollywood. Her beauty and smile win millions of hearts. Before her acting career she entered the glamour industry as a model and also gained the fame of Miss world title in 2000. Even though the actress denies of having done any kind of plastic surgery, the majestic difference in the appearance over the course of time tells us something else. Now it is time to go deeper and find out the miraculous secret behind her everlasting beauty.


Priyanka Chopra – plastic surgery

She has undergone a series of plastic surgery to enhance her nose as well as lips. She has got her nose corrected using rhinoplasty .She had a blunt nose before but now she features an enhanced , narrow , sharper nose which definitely suits her face.
Priyanka Chopra before and after plastic surgery

When it comes to her fuller cupid brow lips, it looks refined in corners which totally accentuates her smile. It is really hard not to believe that she hasn’t undergone any plastic surgery for getting such gorgeous pairs and also the previous photos of the actress shows a full, flat, fat lips which looks much flatter compared to what she has got now. The actress’s face now looks oddly swollen as if they had been injected with some filler.

Priyanka Chopra before and after cosmetic surgery

Even though rumors have been spreading about her cosmetic surgery, the actress denies all of it. According to her, “Cosmetic surgery for enhancing the way a person look is acceptable but it should have limits”. She also says that her dramatic change in appearance is due to the right way of applying makeup. She has now understood the basics of makeup and how to enhance her features using it.

Priyanka Chopra before and after cosmetic surgery

Any way, if anyone remembers her from those Miss world days can relate to how dramatically she has altered her appearance during the
past couple of years. Lets now take some time to go through Priyanka Chopra’s before and after pictures and you will thank me later for giving you the truth. Whatever it is , with or without plastic surgery, she remains as a gorgeous woman.


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