Ray Liotta plastic surgery

Ray Liotta plastic surgery for strange looks and smile

Ray Liotta plastic surgery is not a very good example of what male celebrities should do when they get in their 50’s. After comparing his before and after pictures, usage of plastic surgery is obvious. At first we can notice that he is not attractive as he used to be. Maybe it is time to accept that his youth is gone and that plastic surgery was not the right way to go.
Well we cannot say that all of celebrity plastic surgeries are a failure. Some celebrities look even better after going under the knife, but Ray Liotta is definitely not one of them. His plastic surgery procedures are an example of plastic surgery disaster and how to loose the personality that he once had.

Ray Liotta before and after plastic surgery

Ray Liotta plastic surgery

Let’s take a look at what kind of plastic surgeries Ray Liotta had done:

Face lift

If You look at Ray Liotta before and after images it is obvious that he had a facelift. If You consider that he is almost 60 years old, his face should be full of wrinkles but it is not. His skin looks tight and flawless, even better then it looked  when he was young. But the eyes are giving him up and all combined his face looks unnatural.
When he acts, he looks like some young actor, but his face is giving a complete different story. If You ask me, he lost all his charm that he had before the surgery. When he was picking a plastic surgeon, he should picked a more skilled and experienced doctor. Looking at the results of Ray Liotta plastic surgery, it is obvious that he didn’t do that.

Botox injections usage

Plastic surgery has come very far and new technologies are coming every day. Usage of Botox injections is nowadays almost a normal thing for ordinary people and for Hollywood celebrities it is almost a must have procedure. Botox injections can make Your skin look younger and without any wrinkles. It is not permanent so user have to do it again after it wares of. If You remember Ray Liotta when he was younger, his skin was never tight and without wrinkles. Now, after using Botox, he looks strange so this procedure is a complete failure in case of Ray Liotta.

Ray Liotta before and after plastic surgery

Use of fillers

Some filler were also used by Ray Liotta. Probable places are cheeks and lips. If a experienced surgeons does the job, results can be great. In case of Ray Liotta surgeon was not so great or experienced. The injections where used in the wrong way and results were completely opposite of what Ray Liotta had in mind. Fillers have altered one of the most important things in Ray Liotta’s career and that is his smile. Fillers are well known to alter a smile since the skin face moves in different way after the procedure.


Well, these days results like this should never happen, especially for celebrity stars that choose to go under the knife to boost their career and get a few more parts in movies and shows. Ray Liotta plastic surgery is not something that will help his career. I don’t think he will get any of the great parts anytime soon.


What do you think about Ray Liotta plastic surgery? Was it a silly thing to do?




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