Reba McEntire plastic surgery

Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery Success

Reba McEntire – introduction

Superstar Reba McEntire is a legendary country music singer, songwriter and musician who has been entertaining fans for nearly four decades. The feisty redhead has released dozens of albums, scored many number one singles, and won numerous awards, including the ACM’s Top Female Vocalist a record setting seven times. She has also had her own hit television show, Reba, and was a star on Broadway in the musical Annie Get Your Gun. McEntire is a strong, powerful woman well-respected in the industry not only for her singing and acting, but also for her skill as a businesswoman. It may seem surprising then that such a strong female would feel the need to bend to the pressure of having cosmetic surgery, but she is still a celebrity and looking young is crucial.

Reba McEntire before and after plastic surgery

Reba McEntire plastic surgery

At age 55, Reba McEntire is undeniably gorgeous and looks much younger than her age. She is obviously a natural beauty, and she confesses that she watches what she eats and exercises regularly to keep her slim figure. But there are a couple areas where plastic surgery seems to have played a factor in her youthful appearance.

Reba McEntire before and after plastic surgery breast lift

Reba’s face is undeniably smooth and has very few wrinkles for her age. A Botox injection is a very common tool that celebrities use to fill in lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and lips. It is an outpatient procedure that takes minutes and provides a subtle change that gives a more youthful appearance. It appears that McEntire has benefited from this procedure, as her face looks fresh and young but not at all overdone. She does not have the “frozen” appearance that other unlucky celebrities have acquired from having too much work done.

The other likely procedure Reba McEntire has undergone is a breast lift. Her chest is as perky and full today as it was twenty years ago. She looks very natural, and there’s been no obvious change in size so it appears she had a breast lift but did not opt for implants. Breast lifts are a popular option for celebrities who don’t want to increase their breast size, but want to take away the sagginess that comes with age.

Reba McEntire before and after plastic surgery


Reba McEntire is a plastic surgery success story. She proves that a few skilled tweaks can not only make a woman look younger, but truly enhance her own natural beauty.

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