Rebecca Romijn plastic surgery

Rebecca Romijn plastic surgery – rumors of truth?

 On the 6th of November 1972, a girl child was born to the household of Berkeley, California based parents Elizabeth Jaap Romijin. The child is named Rebecca Alie Romijin and years later will become a well-known in the US entertainment industry. Rebecca became interested in fashion while studying Music at the University of California and later move to Paris for two years in order to her modeling career. She started her career in 1991 and since then she has been among the popular faces in the fashion world. She has modeled for some of the best designers including Anna Molinari and Miller Lite beer. She has always walked on the ramp for Georgio Armani and Victoria’s Secret.

Rebecca Romijn plastic surgery

Rebecca Romijn plastic surgery

Over the years, Rebecca has managed to maintain her youthful looks. This has made her to be the center of many plastic surgery rumors. Although, she claims different, but it is difficult to believe that she didn’t undergo any plastic surgeries especially when the differences are very prominent in her before and after pictures. The 42 year old actress always seems to have a fresh and wrinkles face. It is rumored that she uses Botox injections on regular bases in order to erase the wrinkles on her face. She doesn’t seem to age and we are sure it’s because of the regular Botox injection she is getting.

Other than the usual Botox, Rebecca has also been accused of getting liposuction done. According to rumors she got the liposuction procedure done after she had her babies, the fraternal twins Dollie and Charlie, for her husband Jerry O’Connell. Everyone thought she looked too good so soon after having the twins. There were those who swore that she had gone under the knife and carried out “mommy makeover”. Mommy Makeover is plastic surgery geared at restoring a woman’s body to what it used to be pre-conception and birth. It usually involves procedures like tummy tuck to reduce belly fat and breast augmentation.


While the rumors were going on, celebrity plastic surgeons were quick to note that this could hardly be the case. Dr. Jennifer Walden said that Rebecca Romijn does not show any plastic surgery signs. On the contrary, another expert Dr. Jhon Di Saia said that there are chances that Rebecca got liposuction to lose weight after giving birth to her kids. However, most of the experts made it clear that it would be very difficult for any plastic surgeon worth the name to accept to work on a woman who had just given birth a few months earlier.
Rebecca Romijn before and after plastic surgery

Rebecca Romijn herself revealed later that if people noticed any changes in her body soon after giving birth, it was thanks to an intensive bikram workout. While she didn’t fancy working out for 90 minutes under a temperature of 105 degrees, she was happy with the results she was getting. She was not only shedding all unwanted fat, she was also detoxifying her entire body and purifying her mind. Nevertheless, she agrees losing weight was among the most difficult things she has ever done in her entire life.


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