Remy Ma plastic surgery

Remy Ma Plastic Surgeries

Remy Ma Plastic Surgeries

People have plastic surgeries for whatever reasons they dim fit. It might be as a result of age or just to have an entire makeover. Plastic surgery has since been regarded as a normal way of life in the United States and most parts of the developed world.

This article, will however, be focusing on Remy Ma and the supposed number of plastic surgeries that she has been involved in. If you think you know her very well, then going through this post will help establish whether you are right about your facts.

A whole lot of fans are still unsure about whether or not Remy had gotten involved in any form of surgery. She has not helped matters as she enjoys having her admirers in the dark on the subject.

Remy Ma plastic surgeryHighlighted below will be the supposed number of surgeries this lady may have gone through, as the article will be equally shedding more light on Remy Ma, plastic surgery, before and after.

Breast Surgery

The before and after pictures of the female rapper, Remy Ma greatly indicates that she has had a breast surgery. This is very easy to figure out because she appeared to have flaunted them on Instagram, and even a blind man will be able to tell the difference between the old Remy and the new Remy.

She has equally had some strong accusations to this effect from her rival rapper, Nicky Minaj. No matter how reserved Remy is appearing to be in this regards, it must be said that there is an appreciable difference between the size of her breast before and after serving time in jail.

Remy Ma plastic surgery

Nose Surgery

You do need to be some sort of specialist to know that Remy now looks a bit different in her nose region. While it has been rightly rumored that she has had a nose surgery, the nose is almost the same. It is a bit difficult to explicitly state if she has had a nose surgery or not. This can only be confirmed by the singer herself.

Nicky has been equally loud on this as well, as she claims Remy Ma has had a nose surgery and she is just trying to deny it. Trying to conclude on this simply because Nicky has a mouth in it will be quite unfair. Hence, getting the information from the horse’s mouth will be highly useful in this regards, and she has done very well not to respond to her accusers.

Waist Surgery

Remy Ma’s waist, in a way, now looks slimmer as compared to her earlier appearance. This is because it is rumored that she has been involved in liposuction which is believed to promote waist reduction. While there seem to be an iota of truth in whatever is being rumored about Remy Ma and her looks, it is very possible that these are just empty rumors.

In conclusion, by simply taking a close look at Remy Ma, you can easily conclude that she must have had one or two surgeries on herself. For now, the credibility of such assertions will always remain a topic for debate.


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