Rick Springfield plastic surgery

Rick Springfield and plastic surgery! How old is he?

Rick Springfield and plastic surgery! How old is he?

Known for his song “Jessie’s Girl” and as Dr. Noah Drake in the American TV show “General Hospital”, Rick Springfield transcended from just being a musician to becoming an icon for a generation. Starting his career as a teen heartthrob of a magazine, 24-year-old Rick felt the pressure of undergoing plastic surgery to refrain from losing his teenage fan base who, surely, would stop screaming their hearts out if their object of interest is starting to look like their uncles or their father.


Rick Springfield plastic surgery

Numerous plastic surgeon review says that Rick Springfield’s surgery included facelift along with Botox which is clearly visible in his face as one can hardly see any signs of aging even if he is now 67 years old. His candor about having the plastic surgery and his displeasure about it is quite admirable, unlike other celebrities who would certainly refuse to admit carrying out plastic surgeries to stop themselves from aging. Rick Springfield openly admits that he had had one when he was 24-years old and that he regrets it later in his life because his appearance does not match his age.

Approaching the golden age of 60, it is usual to witness signs of aging as a result of loss of elasticity of the skin like sogginess most especially in the eye area, wrinkles, thinning around the mouth, turkey neck, the list goes on. However, if one would try to compare Rick’s photographs from 30 years earlier to his present photographs many can attest that his skin still looks tight and smooth as if he is slowly, indeed very slowly, aging but it would refuse to show in his face. Thus, the result of a facelift. Also, if one would try to look at Rick’s eyes from pictures before and his pictures today, drooping excess skin around the eyes, a sure sign of aging, is not showing on his, which is a product of undergoing blepharoplasty or eye lift plastic surgery. Going through his photographs, it appears as if the musician has undergone multiple plastic surgeries several decades after his surgery as a teen heartthrob. Presently, he looks ten years younger than his actual age.

Rick Springfield before and after plastic surgery

Facelift and Botox injection are some of the usual cosmetic procedure that celebrities approaching 60 undergoes to help reduce signs of aging and it is only common but Rick certainly regrets having it earlier in his life. Though admitting frankly that he had plastic surgery when he was 24 years old, Rick never confessed if he had any after that.

To most people and to Rick himself, the plastic surgery almost ruined his appearance but some celebrities had it worst. Plastic surgery became a popular trend before and a lot of celebrities inclined to this unnatural processes. May it be to change the shape of the nose or to raise one’s brow or even to add cleft on one’s chin, it still isn’t the nature’s intended process. It definitely has advantages and disadvantages. But science is always growing and at this moment, a lot of natural ways to stop aging has been discovered. Maybe by undergoing those natural processes, a lot of celebrity could avoid regretting having plastic surgeries ruin their appearances.


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