Rob Lowe plastic surgery

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery – New chin implant and Botox injections

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery

Rumors have been circulating as to whether the actor Rob Lowe has had plastic surgery. He has been criticized for his face being too tight. Recent photographs have shown that his chin now looks considerably different, with significant changes to his chin, indicating a chin implant being done.

The handsome actor must have great genes or a close relationship with plastic surgery. His facial skin is rejuvenated. On his forehead he has a few wrinkles. Considering his age, this is negligible. Critics opinion is he has had a few doses of Botox. Reconstruction may also have taken place. Star looks natural, making it easy for him to deny rumors. He has recently been quoted as saying this is a result of his good genes.
Rob Lowe plastic surgery

Surgical procedures also do not stop on his facial skin and eyelids. Allegations of plastic surgeons can be proved from a visible distance between his lower lip and chin.

Botox, Face lift and Chin Implants

Rumor has it that Rob Lowe has had wrinkles smoothed out through Botox and a face lift. A combination of these often delivers the best results. He only has a few lines on his face, it is assumed by many that he uses Botox and fillers once in a while. His face now has that frozen look, indicating a face lift, fillers and Botox injections. To avoid deep expression lines and wrinkles some patients prefer implants or fillers. From recent photos, his improved skin tone appears unnatural. Not all of his fans are pleased with his plastic surgery decision, claiming it has interfered with his natural beauty. Face shape has changed considerably indicating a chin implant.

Surgery Results

Rob Lowe is no different from any other celebrity depending on a nip and tuck here and there to maintain his successful career. Before and after pictures speak for themselfes.

He’s getting different reactions on his surgery results. He has received criticism from fans for his face reconstruction. Face lift and Botox results are not received well. He is also criticized for his natural skin tone.

Rob Lowe before and after plastic surgery

Actors’ Response

After being questioned by the paparazzi regarding rumors, the actor laughed them off. He denied everything, claiming and maintaining that his youthful appearance is due to good genes without any plastic surgery at all.

He was asked to share his secrets, how is managing to stay and look so young, but confirmed that this was all affected by his two sons.

If he really did not have any plastic surgery at all, it must be down to a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and working out in the gym. He also may use a good moisturizer, so his facial skin may look young and perfect.

Whatever the reason for his youthful appearance, it is clear that what Rob Lowe has done has benefited him. However if the plastic surgery rumor is a fact he must have got a professional so that his surgical procedures would be done correctly giving the best results.

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