Robin McGraw plastic surgery

Robin McGraw in denial of having plastic surgery. But why?

About Robin McGraw


Robin McGraw is a very well known American singer, speaker and actress and also the wife of the best selling author and television talk show “Dr.Phil”. She was born on 28th  December,1953 in Irving,Texas as Robin Jameson. She still remains as a popular fame on behalf of her husband as well as her talent. However, recently there have been lot of rumors about her having plastic surgery and it is the time to find out the truth.

Robin McGraw plastic surgery

There is no doubt that the actress appears youthful despite her old age but Robin McGraw has vehemently dismissed these plastic surgery gossips as baseless. She claims to not have gone under any kinds of cosmetic procedures. She says that she uses natural remedies as an alternative to face lifts and other cosmetic procedures, which is quite hard to believe .
Robin McGraw plastic surgery

Some skeptics still refuse to believe her even though she tries way too hard to convince people that she has never gone under the knife. Considering the way her face now looks, it seems
really hard to believe her words. This is because her face looks almost unrecognizable these days. While she claims to have maintained her body naturally, some parts of her look really

Critics claims that she has undergone couple of Botox injections, lip augmentation, and nose jobs. Let us now look in to the details behind her young glow.
Robin McGraw cosmetic procedures

Botox injections

Botox injectons are mainly used by celebrities to get rid of wrinkles and other aging signs. She manages to have a smooth, flawless skin even in her late fifties. As one can see from her before and after most pictures, it seems like the singer has made most out of Botox injections. According to critics , it is impossible for a women of late fifties to have such smooth skin without any wrinkles.
Robin McGraw before and after plastic surgery

Nose job

Robin McGraw had been the owner of a blunt, wide nose and now her photos reveal a thin , narrow nose which appears much slimmer. Close observers of the star as well as critics
claim that Robin has indeed gone for a nose lift. Her nose which is more elevated now than it used to be appears perfectly balanced with her face.

Robin McGraw before and after plastic surgery

Lip augmentation

Lip implants are one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. It is the process of injecting fillers in to the lips to make it appear fuller and attractive. If one examines her past photos with the recent ones , the drastic change of her thin, flat lips to a plump, defined ones can be clearly understood.

Breast augmentation

There are many who speculate the actress must have gone for breast implants. Her breast size has considerably increased over the past few years and most of us think it has nothing to do with natural occurrences.


Robin McGraw looks much younger than her actual age. Even though her explanations regarding her appearance should not be disregarded, most of us find it hard to believe that she had not produced herself under cosmetic surgeries. But there is no doubt that no matter what, she looks miraculously youthful in appearance, which is quite hard to achieve even with a cosmetic surgery. I think cosmetic surgeries suit her very well and if it helps her to look like the way she does now, she should definitely follow the regime.

Tell us Your opinion. Did se went for it? Why she denies it? Does she look better after plastic surgery?



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