Robin Wright plastic surgery

Robin Wright 48 year old’s plastic surgery

Wrinkles and Sagging skin have become some of the most detested things in Hollywood. Celebrities have decided to undertake plastic surgery to get that youthful and radiant skin. One of these celebrities is Robin Wright. Robin is a renowned actress and phenomenal television director in America. She has starred in many successful movies including House of Cards, Princess Bride and Santa Barbara between the years 1987 to 1992. The hugely talented actress has influenced many upcoming actresses with her confidence and professionalism. However, the 48 year old’s plastic surgery has been constantly on the scene and celebrity rumors. It is time to shed some light on what procedures the celebrity has done. Wright has undergone several plastic surgery procedures including Botox, breast implants, facelift and injection. Like other Hollywood celebrities, Robin Wright now has a more rejuvenated facial skin and a refreshed look that is without a doubt spectacular. This brief overview looks into Robin’s plastic surgery path including some of the procedures she has done in the quest for beauty and charm.

Robin Wright plastic surgery


Robin Wright confirmed that she has had Botox injections. However she denied going under the knife. The actress said she has Botox at least twice a year to smooth her face and improve her complexion. Wright is known for her radiant and glowing skin a thing she attributes to Botox injections.

Face Lift

Wright’s glowing skin is partly because of a facelift. Her skin is always smooth even at her age an attribute that is common to people who have had a face lift. Wright looks 30 with a radiant and smooth skin while she is in her forties. However, if the actress has actually done a face lift, which she denies, she was wise enough not to overdo it. Overdoing of a facelift has caused may celebrities to lose recognizable facial features and an overly tight skin that is distracting to the natural beauty. Wright’s apparent facelift has eliminated wrinkles and enhanced her natural beauty. A comparison of pictures of her face showed that she had some wrinkles which just disappeared in no time shortly after they had been acquired. This shows that the actress has had a facelift though she is adamant on denying.

Robin Wwright before and after plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is another procedure that the actress denies of ever having. However, it is crystal clear she has had breast augmentations as her breasts are higher and bigger. The lift has ensured that her breasts don’t sag ever. All the same, Wright denies to ever having breast augmentation and she could just be wearing a good bra that keeps them in shape.

Tummy Tuck

Though Wright has had a slender look for years, her stomach is surprisingly too flat. Again the actress did not confirm to having the procedure and she could just be keeping in shape thought exercises. People have been observing her since she came to the lime light and the improvements are slightly unrealistic according to people’s expectations. According to the actress there is nothing astound people since so many women in the current era do it and is now a normal approach to life.


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