Rose McGowan plastic surgery

Rose McGowan and plastic surgery

Rose McGowan plastic surgeries

Rose McGowan is an American Actress and known for making independent films such as “Southie” and “Going All the Way”. She is originally from Italy and has moved to America. Her father is a Microsoft employee who works as a commercial artist. She made her debut in the Hollywood industry through the film entitled “Pauly Shore“and “Encino Man” in 1992. When she was nineteen, she has appeared in different high caliber films by Gregg Araki, Brian De Palma, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. She is the second of the six siblings. Since that year, she continuously gained her fame through various television shows including “Charms”. This Hollywood actress admitted that she has been a sleepwalker.

Rose McGowan plastic surgery

Life has not been so favorable to her since she also experienced terrible car accident in the year 2007 and that caused one of her eyes cut by glass fragments. So she has undergone plastic surgery to fix her eyes and repair the damage to make it natural again. However, speculations are roaming that she has undergone a lot of plastic surgeries. The 42 year old celebrity is still making it to the public after becoming the topic of the town. Rumors are spreading around that she had facelift and injected fillers to her cheeks to make it round and fuller look.

Dr. Jennifer Walden provides a professional statement about McGowan’s plastic surgery issues. Walden thinks than McGowen undergone soft tissue fillers on her face, lips, cheek that has permits her to have an unnatural look that allows people to talk about her. She also specified that McGowan’s beautiful face may have had undertaken chin implant. She also added about the nose that was done since it is far different from her nose before. Her nose became slimmer and more pointed. It is also observed that she might undergo breast implants which made her breasts look bigger that before but it was not proven until now. A lot of her fans around want to know the reason behind the physical changes she undergone. Though, she did not give a statement about her younger appearance now people still doubting that she really change some of her body parts.

Many perspectives seem that the actress should not change anything in her body. A lot of her fans are saying that she must save her natural appearance. She is beautiful even in her young age and she still beautiful even until now. Her nose is perfect even her eyes that went a lot of sufferings. Nobody has the right to judge her even if she does a lot of changes in her physical appearance.

Rose McGowan before and after plastic surgery

Everyone wants to look more beautiful and she can afford to do so. Many people also make use of technology to make younger. There are different people in the world who undergone surgeries for the betterment of their physical appearance. We just have to respect one another and support what she wants. That is all that we can do. After all, we are all free beings and that permits us to do anything.


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