Ruby Rose plastic surgery

Ruby Rose Is “she” going to become “he” using plastic surgery?

Ruby Rose Is “she” going to become “he” using plastic surgery?

Ruby Rose was born on 20th March the year 1986 in Melbourne. She is an Australian well known for her modeling career, recording artist, television presenter, DJ, actress, as well as a former MTV VJ. She emerged as MTV presenter in the media spotlight in Australia. Rose also had modeling jobs such as Face of Maybelline, Network Ten, Australia’s Next top Model and The Project. In the year 2008, Ruby pursued an acting career with her debut film performance called Suite for Fleur. She also featured in a Drama called Around the Block in the year 2013. She has featured in season 3 and 4 of Orange Is the New Black Netflix series. She has also featured in Resident Evil, The Final Chapter movie and many others. Apart from her acting career, Rose has also been involved in fashion and modeling industry where she has featured in fashion magazines such as Marie-Claire, Nylon, Cleo, Maxim, New York Inked Magazine just to mention a few.

Ruby Rose plastic surgery

Has Ruby Rose undergone plastic surgery?

Rumors of Ruby Rose undergoing plastic surgery are unclear. However, she admits having enjoyed her job as a VJ than being a model because when you are a model you are required to undergo certain transitions and plastic surgeries for you to be a bit skinnier, taller and prettier. We can say that Rose had undergone some plastic surgery while she was a model because that was a requirement unlike on MTV where she says they don’t need you to have surgeries for you to work with them.

Ruby Rose became a lesbian when she was 12. Her sexuality made her suffer from verbal taunt as well as physical abuse from her schoolmates which pushed her to a point of having suicide attempts. She was also abused by a relative while she was a child which caused her a bipolar turmoil. Rose said she wanted to be a boy because of the childhood gender eccentricity. She even saved money for her physical transition from a female to a male. When asked about it, she said it was something that she wanted to do.

Facts about her breasts

Rose Ruby wanted to transform to be a boy; therefore she never wanted to had breasts. When she was asked about it, she said she would even sleep on her front which is generally sleeping facing down so that she would not have breasts growing and which is something worked.

Ruby Rose plastic surgery


Rose also began modeling which made her learn about androgyny which means the desire of having both masculine and feminine characteristics. She modeled with different gender expressions and this seemed to work. When asked about this modeling procedure she said that there was a time they went to a certain restaurant called Yum Cha with her dad and the owner of the restaurant confused her of being a handsome boy for a beautiful girl. Androgyny is a procedure which Rose worked on because she even said she thinks one day she will wake up and find herself as gender neutral. She confessed to this after releasing her Break Free short film. Rose also said that she would continue using feminine pronouns, however, if she was to choose a gender she would prefer being a male.


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