Rumer Willis plastic surgery 009

Rumer Willis – After plastic surgery I feel better and have more self-confidence

Rumer Willis is 26 year daughter of famous parents Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.



Rumer Willis is in the final in Dancing with stars show! Do you think she will win? Did plastic surgery helped her to fully unleash all her potential?

Her famous mother is known, even today, by her great appearance. She is in her 50’s and it looks like one of her daughters want to follow her footsteps.

Rumer Willis plastic surgery

Demi is very angry with her daughter and does not support her plastic corrections although for years it is said that she herself made corrections in value of half a million dollars!


Demi believes that her daughters are naturally beautiful . She’s worried about Rumer and that other daughters would not break under to the strict rules of Hollywood . She has already told them about the dangers of plastic surgery ‘.

Rumer Willis plastic surgery

What Rumer Willis thinks On Plastic Surgery: ‘If It’s Going to Make Me Feel Better, I Won’t Be Ashamed’. She is all about the self-confidence these days.

Recently, media started to write about plastic surgery’s that Rumer did. After posting some pictures on instagram, “Before and After” rumors started.  It is suspected that  Rumer had quite a few injections of filler into her lips. Maybe – Juvederm.”  Have Her Chin Shaved Down? Recent Photos reveal a completely new face and a new woman. Some think she even had abreast augmentation procedure.

Rumer Willis plastic surgery

On Monday, March 16 Rumer appeared on Dancing With Stars show with partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy and seriously impressed the judges, earning the highest score of the night.  They received 32 out of 40 points dancing Foxtrot. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore reunited on that evening to support their daughter alongside younger daughters Scout, 23, and Tallulah, 21.

Rumer Willis plastic surgery

In my opinion she is a great looking girl. Not a classical beauty but a girl that has natural appeal. I hope she will not exaggerate with plastic surgery procedures and go over the edge or even worse into plastic surgery disaster. Check other Dancing with stars celebrities like Charlotte McKinney, Patti Labelle and Suzanne Somers.

What do you think, did Rumer made some corrections on her face? Feel free to tell us what you think! Definetly check out Rumers’s mother Demi Moore and what plastic surgery she did!



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