Rupert Everett plastic surgery

Rupert Everett Plastic Surgeries

Rupert Everett Plastic Surgeries

Rupert Everett was born on 29th May the year 1959 in Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk. He is an English writer and actor. Rupert first appeared to the public in the year 1981 when he featured in the Another Country film play. He has featured in films such as Inspector Garget, Stardust, Shakespeare in Love, Shrek Sequels, The Chronicles of Narnia and many others. Rupert also won the Golden Globe Award in the year 1997 and the second one in the year 1999.

Rupert Everett plastic surgery

Has Rupert Everett Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Rupert’s plastic surgery rumors started the moment this handsome celeb appeared to age gracefully. Rupert has always been known to be a handsome young man because his talent and looks have made him earn the tremendous reputation in the acting career. Many stars always try to enhance their looks but it appears Rupert is one of the stars who has not been left out as well. Plastic surgery is nowadays compared to be a rite of passage because almost all celebs are having plastic surgery procedures to enhance their looks. Rupert was never into plastic surgery because all his young life he looked natural until afterward when he joined Hollywood.

Botox and Facelift

It is rumored that Rupert has undergone facelift surgery as well as used Botox injections to maintain his youthful looks. It is often common for celebs to use these anti-aging procedures because they are used together to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox injection is done under the skin, and it works for facial muscle as well as tightening the skin by making the muscles beneath it to contract. When you look at Rupert’s after pictures, you will notice that his face is still free from wrinkles and his skin has remained smooth regardless of his age. We all know that people at his age are supposed to have aging signs, but unlike Rupert, he shows no aging signs. This is clear evidence that he has used Botox injections because these injections have made his skin remain tight and get rid of any wrinkles.

Cheek Implants

It is almost rare to see celebs having gone for facelift without also working on their cheeks. It is rumored that Rupert has also undergone cheek implants because it appears as if his cheeks are the most recognizable thing that can be noticed in him. Looking at his recent pictures, Rupert appears to have a smooth cheek and also it looks fuller than before. It appears that filler did not only make him full but also get rid of any sagging skin around his cheeks. Looking at his before pictures, Rupert did not have much-packed cheeks like he does now. The change in the appearance of his cheeks made his most f his fans speculate that he had undergone cheek implants.

Rupert Everett before and after plastic surgery


Regardless whether Rupert Everett had plastic surgery procedures or not, it still remains that his new looks appear amazing and younger as well. His facial appearance also appears natural and not overdone like for many celebs. His plastic surgery was a success.


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