Ryan Seacrest plastic surgery

Ryan Seacrest plastic surgeries

Ryan Seacrest plastic surgeries

The popular American sweetheart and Hollywood heartbreaker Ryan Seacrest is known for hosting the competition ‘American Idol‘; ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve‘ that is an annual TV special and the ‘American Top 40’ radio program.

Ryan Seacrest was born in1974 in Atlanta Georgia and started his career as a DJ at a radio station in Atlanta. The ambitious young star soon moved to Los Angeles California and in the mid-90s started a popular afternoon radio show. By 2002 he had a name for himself and was able to get his role as host of the popular televised television competition American Idols. This gig opened the door for him to appear in entertainment events and start covering them for television including becoming the news anchor for E!

Ryan Seacrest plastic surgery

So the question is; why was Ryan Seacrest a late bloomer in the visual entertainment industry? Most people gain this fame at the early teen ages but Ryan Seacrest’s TV career started in his late 20s! Ryan Seacrest’s teenage photos reveal that he was a chubby teenager with glasses and braces. Now, this is actually not a look for a TV personality. Because of this; it is rumored that Ryan Seacrest had a face for Radio and had to undergo multiple plastic surgeries to gate his handsome American idol looks. Since his looks are a far cry from who he was as a teenager, we can say that he shed off some baby fat and was disciplined in his exercises to achieve the lean structure.

However, the changes on his face are a little difficult to explain. The internet has once referred to Ryan Seacrest as the plastic surgery Marvel. From pictures online on Ryan Seacrest surgery before and after photos, it is speculated that he has done the following plastic surgery procedures:

Ryan Seacrest before and after plastic surgery

Facial Reconstruction

The photos from before and after seem like Ryan Seacrest may have had his face reconstructed to be able to fit into the TV entertainment industry. His nose looks like it has totally been re-sculpted from its original bulbous size to this perfectly symmetrical nose implying a subtle nose job. His eyebrows also look sculpted, the inner part was down and turned but now they are an appealing walnut shape. This gives him a friendlier disposition that is ideal for TV hosting. While this kind of procedure is rare for most famous people, the before and after photos of Ryan Seacrest strongly imply this and we can neither confirm nor negate these claims.


At 43 years of age this year, Ryan Seacrest does not look a day over 30 years of age. This could be due to Botox injections meant to keep his face sufficiently youthful. Ryan Seacrest arguably looks better now, than in his earlier years in the TV entertainment industry. Then again; perhaps he just has some really good genes, who know?

Despite the speculations, Ryan Seacrest’s career is still on the rise and earlier this year, he became the permanent co-host of ‘Live with Kelly & Ryan.’ Thank you so much for your time.


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