Sally Field plastic surgery

Sally Field Has she Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Sally Field Plastic Surgeries

Sally Field was born on 6th November in the year 1946 in Pasadena, California. She is an American, director, screenwriter, singer, producer and actress. She started her career on TV in the year 1966 when she starred in Gidget then later featured in The Flying Nun in the year 1967. Sally also won the Golden Globe Award for performing Absence of Malice film in the year 1981. She then won her 2nd Award for the Best Actress in the year 1984. She has featured in various films such as The Amazing Spider Man I and II, David Copperfield, Eye for an Eye, Lethal Weapon just to mention a few.

Sally Field plastic surgery

Has Sally Filed Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Sally has stolen the public’s attention lately because there are a lot of speculations that she has undergone plastic surgeries. Not all celebs have undergone plastic surgery, but for Sally, it is no doubt that she has had plastic surgery. She is believed to have had plastic surgery procedures to make her look more beautiful, younger and brighter. There are also other fans who claim that Sally’s youthful looks are not a result of plastic surgery and this makes the big question whether she has had plastic surgery of not.

Neck Lift

It is clear that Sally Field had a neck lift. Looking at her recent pictures, Sally seems to have a tight neck skin just like that of her face. It is possible that she had laser skin treatments so as to make the skin around her neck become tight. We all know that women at her age already have aging signs, but we see something different with Sally. This has made many people speculate that Sally has gone for a neck lift to get rid of her sagging neck. Regardless of the rumors, Sally still remains natural as if no plastic surgery has been done to her.

Botox Injections and Facelifts

Looking closely at Sally’s face, jaw line and cheeks you will notice an unusual smoothness which can only be attained using filler injections. Her skin appears to be free from any wrinkles which is something unusual at her age. We also expect to see Sally having a sagging face, eye bags, and fine lines but this is not the case. Looking at her recent pictures, Sally is seen having a tight face which is free from wrinkles. There are also no signs of sagging skin around her eyes even at the age of 70. Many people are left wondering what has kept Sally’s skin so tight and smooth, but this can only be the use of facelifts and Botox injections. She is also said to have a facelift. Looking at Sally’s recent pictures, it is hard to see frown lines on her face regardless of her old age which is almost impossible for a 70-year-old woman.

Sally Field before and after plastic surgery


Whether Sally Field had plastic surgery or not, it is clear that her skin looks smooth because of laser treatment which has made her maintain her beauty and also look youthful. Her fans have also liked her new look because she has gotten rid of her aging signs which would make her look too old.


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