Salma Hayek plastic surgery

Salma Hayek’s plastic surgery: Rumors of reality?

Salma Hayek’s plastic surgery: Rumors of reality?

Salma Hayek is a famous Mexican-American actress, producer, and director. Celebrities most often come into the limelight of media sensation; both rumors and reality-based stories are taken seriously by fans and public. Salma Hayek is also one of those celebrities who is widely discussed on the charges of having plastic surgery. Before jumping into any conclusion or taking pleasure from any such report, it’s necessary to understand properly whether she has been passed through the surgery or just rumors have been spread in the media to belittle her.

Salma Hayek plastic surgery

Filler injections?

There are two types of reports which have been circulated widely in the media. On the one hand, reports are relevant to the denial of the plastic surgery. Salma Hayek herself denied all such news based on plastic surgery. She called such reports as rumors. She said that she is not against the surgery but she doesn’t need to do so. On the other side, there are reports of people and even some doctors who accepted this claim that she has done the plastic surgery. They claimed so as it’s evident from her previous pictures and compare it with the present pictures. Due to many signs on her face, it is hard for Salma Hayek to convince the public. It has been reported that she has filler injected in her nose but she has denied it as a rumor.

Nose job and breast augmentation?

According to some reliable reports, she has done nose job and breast implant. By looking deeply and observing her pictures, it seems that she has changed her face with nose job process. Her nose was large, bulbous and wide. Furthermore, her nasal bridge was less high. Now there seems a prominent difference: her nose looks quite perfect, smaller and well shaped. Also, the nasal bridge looks higher and nostril looks cramped. Also, her breasts look bigger as compared to her past. It seems she must have breasts implants in recent years as her breast looks much bigger and quite rounder then she had at the time of starting her career. The change in her breast seems as a result of a process called breast augmentation. As usual, she denied it and called it the impact of photo shot and not a reality.

Despite 47 years-old, it doesn’t make any sense for sensible folks to believe her younger appearance. On responding to the prominent change in her breast and nose shape, she revealed that the secret of her beauty and fresh appearance is only the result of beauty creams which smooth her skin. According to her, it’s not necessary to look fresh and attractive by plastic surgeries, but taking care of food and using beauty creams could also show a prominent difference.

Salma Hayek before and after plastic surgery

Whether Salma Hayek has gone through the plastic surgery or not, it is a matter of fact that she looks quite good and attractive having a fresh face with no flaw, which places her, even today, in the top list of celebrities. The plastic surgery has not impacted her performance and place in the industry. The Mexican-born bombshell still enjoys the stature of famous celebrities despite the circulation of all such reports which are indeed facts based.


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