Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery

Sarah Jessica Parker and plastic surgery procedures

Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery

With the advancement in the field of medical, it has now become much easy and convenient to use the tool of plastic surgery to enhance the natural beauty. Thanks to the technology, now plastic is considered as a safe procedure than ever. The Hollywood stars are now regularly using the process of the plastic surgery to modify their features and increase their natural beauty. Well, the female stars have always remained on the top list in this race of the plastic surgery. The “sex and the city” star Sarah Jessica Parker’s plastic surgery is a hot topic now a day. But some rumors about her plastic surgery just took a quite different dimension. Let us discuss in details about the issue of the plastic surgery of the hot and sexy 48 years old star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker after breast augmentation

Hands Plastic surgery

Well, it is quite annoying that a newspaper commented about Sarah that she got a plastic surgery of her hands. According to the Sarah, she was shocked when she listened to the news of plastic surgery of her hands. She said that it was a really bad feeling for her. She further said that she inherited the shape of her hands from her mother and she is happy and satisfied with the appearance and shape of her hands. She said that she felt really bad and she thought that it was a personal and a low attack on her personality. She was angry with the comments.

Breast Implants

Well, her breasts now look upsized and they are larger than earlier, if we compare the old and new photos. She was supposed to lose some size with the passage of time but the result was quite different. Her breasts are now more firm, well shaped and large in size. She looks great in her new look.


She is also accused to use the process of Botox to fill up her skin. It is not clear whether the 48 years old actress took the Botox injections or not. But as we compare the before and after photos of the gorgeous lady, there is definitely something which cannot be considered as normal. Well, we can assume that she is becoming more pretty with the passage of time but who knows? She might be under the knife to enhance her beauty. However, her face looks tight and fresh than earlier.

Sarah Jessica Parker before and after plastic surgery

Sarah Jessica Parker point of view about the plastic surgery

In an interview, the actress completely denied the possibilities of any kind of the plastic surgery. Sarah Jessica Parker said that she is quite satisfied with her appearance and she will never go under the knife to take some extra edge to enhance the charm and beauty of her appearance. She clearly stated all the rumors and speculations about her plastic surgery as falls and baseless.


It is a common practice among the stars to deny the rumors and speculations but in my opinion, the reality is quite different. She had taken some help through plastic surgery to stay young in our opinion.

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