Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery

Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery breast reduction?

 These days a lot of Hollywood actresses are receiving rumors relating to their procedures of plastic surgery. She has a lot of fans worldwide and is well reckoned for her famous roles in the movies like “Iron Man”, The Black Dahlia” and many more. Various people have an issue with her attractive beauty as they were not willing to believe that she is a natural beauty. Maybe that is the reason why people started talking about her plastic surgery.

Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty are the most famous plastic surgeries under discussion. Following are the procedures of plastic surgery that she might have undergone.

– Breast implants
– Breast reduction
– Nose job

Scarlett Johansson before and after plastic surgery

Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery

Nose job

Many of the American celebrities have undergone this procedure in order to look more beautiful. Most of these plastic surgeries appeared successful. She was opposite in this case as she did nose job to change the shape of her nose. By comparing her before and after photos, it is noteworthy to say that her present nose looks thinner and pointed. And the present shape of her nose best suits her face. She was lucky in having a successful nose job.

Plastic surgery effects on her face

Scarlet’s nose is quite subtle and straight and many people speculated that this perfect look is just impossible without any sort of plastic surgery. Her cheeks used to look fuller as compared to their earlier form due to which many people speculated that she must have used Restylane or any other filler. But she has denied the fact that she had undergone plastic surgery so there is no confirmation about these rumors. But by comparing her old and new pictures and it is quite clear that these changes are not that much adverse that depicts a plastic surgery. People used to compare photos, from the time when she was young, with her recent photos. They should at first keep this in mind that as long as we grow up our face shows little deviations. And she looked very beautiful when she was young.

There have been a lot of examples of Hollywood celebrities who used to look gorgeous but through plastic surgery procedures they have spoiled their natural looks.

Scarlett Johansson breast transformations

Breast Reduction and Implants

Many of the celebrities have undergone breast enlargement surgery to enhance the size of breasts. They always spoke in favor of their decision by saying that it gives them a sexier look. But it was speculated that she had done the opposite as she had undergone breast reduction surgery to reduce her breast size. But her fans stated that she has not done a breast reduction surgery, but actually she is reducing weight due to which her breasts look smaller. But there are various rumors that she first had a breast implant for the increase in breasts size and then had a breast reduction to decrease its size. But the doctors also agree with her fans in stating the fact that the size of her breast increases with increase in her weight and vice versa.


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