Sean Patrick Flanery plastic surgery

Sean Patrick Flanery – Rumors of plastic surgery on his face

For those who do not know who Sean Patrick Flanery is, this actor was one of the two priests who took to vigilante crime in “The Boondocks Saints”. Flanery also acted in “Crystal River”, and the 1992 television serial, “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”. Now that his right to be labeled as a “celebrity” has been established, let us examine changes in his face over the years.

Sean Patrick Flanery is 49 years old, so crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles are only to be expected. Other aging symptoms on the face would be sagging, dry, and folding cheeks. Because of such drawn cheeks, cheek bones and cheek hollow become more prominent. Eyes too seem smaller with age, because the upper eyelid seems to disappear as the eyeball sinks deeper in the eye socket. The lower eyelid also becomes thinner in most cases because it has to cover that additional space in the eye socket. The flesh under the eyebrows especially towards the temples becomes thicker, almost folding over the eyes. Lips lose there fullness, and loss of hair is common too.

Sean Patrick Flanery before and after plastic surgery

Sean Patrick Flanery plastic surgery

Now, let us look at how Flanery measures up to these aging transformations. For comparison, consider his recent looks in “The Boondocks Saints”, which was released in 1999, and “Crystal River”, which was released in 2008. Flanery had those forehead wrinkles then, so the plastic surgery, if at all, did not correct that. Crow’s feet too have remained there.

His cheek bones seem better covered with wrinkle free flesh now if you see the before and after photographs of Sean Patrick Flanery. The flesh seems much too young and supple considering his age. Even if he had put on some fat, it would be unlikely that the fat would find its way into his cheeks. He could be using some creams and cosmetics that increase collagen. But only prolonged usage of such creams could be responsible for this dramatic improvement in his skin. As things stand, there is considerable difference in his recent pictures and the pictures even an year earlier.

Sean Patrick Flanery before and after plastic surgery

Coming to the eyes, the lower eyelid has not thinned as would be expected with age. Sean Patrick Flanery is naturally blessed with thicker lower eyelids. But even so, some thinning was obvious in “The Boondocks Saints”. This could again be attributed to putting on some weight, or using some age concealing creams. However, plastic surgery cannot be ruled out, especially because the puffy look of the lower eyelid is usually associated with plastic surgery. Moreover, the skin has become smoother, which is rather unusual. Generally, Botox injections and cheek implants make the skin appear taut, shiny and smooth. Sean Patrick Flanery has not done much to increase his hair density because his pictures in 2010 and now do not show significant improvement.

Sean Patrick Flanery before and after plastic surgery

So did v opt for sculpting job? It is anybody’s guess, because the actor is neither affirming nor denying it. If indeed it is a plastic surgeon’s job, it was cleverly done by not removing all the aging signs at one go. To be fair, Flanery did meet with an accident, and may have undergone some of those procedures only for professional and health reasons. All we can conclude is that the end result of plastic surgery, if done at all, is not bad in Flanery’s case.

Tell us what You think! Did he do it the right was? Is it better now than before?

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