Selena Gomez plastic surgery

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery for older looks!

There have been rumors about Selena Gomez getting several plastic surgery procedures. The American actress and singer who was born and raised in Grand Prairie Texas, just celebrated her birthday in an all ladies party in London as she turns 23. She previously had quite a rocky relationship with his former boyfriend and singer Justin Bieber, whose breakup reportedly left her much damage to her ego. Selena decided to have some improvements in a few places, even though she was already a stunning beauty, leaving many with questions why she would do so. She has previously been the face of Adidas and possesses a cute baby face that many women would kill to have.

Selena Gomez before and after plastic surgery

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery

Her reasons remain difficult to predict but some sources claim her case is one in which she wants to have a look that resembles her age, 23 years, which is the complete opposite since many people have done procedures to look younger. Others say that she did the procedure after the break up with Justin Bieber as she tries to find what specifically her boyfriend didn’t find attractive, so she wants to be the in the most prefect looks. For that reason, it is said she has considered doing a butt lift too.

Anyway she did the surgery, but which parts exactly did “the heart wants what it wants singer” have improved? Some of the plastic surgeries she has done have become common knowledge. They include:

Botox Injections

This is quite an unfamiliar territory for most people, it is a procedure that is meant to improve the look on the face, make it more refreshing and attractive. It is safe to assume that she needed this to get her face look as mature as she actually is. This procedure causes more firm and smooth facial appearance. This is undoubtedly the procedure she took to get her current face looks.

Breast augmentation

This is the first thing everyone thinks about when trying to get any surgery, celebrities and normal civilians alike. Her cleavage lately reveals much more firm breasts than it was, you cannot confuse with anything other than a well done breast augmentation procedure. Her photos in the past show quite small breasts, but the recent bra-less photos indicate something that nothing else can do, make up and push up bras can only do so much.

Selena Gomez before and after plastic surgery

Lip Injections

Those who keenly observed her lips earlier on and now can tell that there is a clear difference, they are a little inclined down. It is believed that she has done some lip injections, although such procedures when done well are not easily noticeable.

Nose Job

The nose too shows distinct difference in her previous times and currently. Photo evidence will prove that she reduced the nostrils quite considerably. The nose job also known as rhinoplasty can be difficult to spot too, but in this case it is clear, her new better looking nose is thinner, and the structure is more European-like than before. It more perfectly suits her slim face and small body structure.

Despite all the rumors about her surgeries, she has not issued any direct public comment to confirm or deny the issue. Well, there you have it people, The Selena Gomez hype you’ve been hearing is all true!


Tell us what you think about Selena Gomez plastic surgery! Was it needed at such early age?


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