Seo Woo plastic surgery

Seo Woo – A Plastic Surgery Success


Seo Woo is a 30 year old South Korean actress who has given acclaimed performances in both film and television. She even received the Best New Actress award in the 2008 Korean Film Awards.

Seo Woo plastic surgery

Although she has never discussed it publicly, it seems likely that the young Korean beauty has benefited from the blade of an experienced cosmetic surgeon‘s scalpel. The most noticeable change is the appearance of Seo Woo‘s eyes. They appear much larger and less slanted than they were in the past. This is achieved through a popular surgery known as blepharoplasty, which other celebrities such as Julie Chen have admitted to having done to get a more “Western” look.

Seo Woo before and after plastic surgery

The other noticeable change to Seo Woo‘s face is her undeniably slimmed down and reshaped nose. Nose job, or rhinoplasty, are among the most popular plastic surgeries in the world for both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. A slimmer nose gives the illusion of a thinner, more delicate face – a look that many women today strive for. Looking at older photos of her, it’s fairly obvious that Seo Woo‘s nose is now much more slender and petite.
Seo Woo before and after plastic surgery

Although less obvious, it’s a good assumption that Seo Woo has also had lip augmentation performed, which involves injecting restylane or juvederm into the lips to make them plumper and more sexy. Lip augmentation is one of the trendiest surgeries female celebrities are undergoing today.

Seo Woo before and after plastic surgery

Others have suggested that Seo Woo may have also had cheek filler which has changed the shape of her face but if she has, this surgery isn’t as easy to detect.


In the end, Seo Woo is one of the lucky celebrities whose natural beauty has only been enhanced by selective cosmetic surgery, and not harmed by it. She is more attractive today than she was ten years ago, and isn’t that really the purpose of celebrity cosmetic surgery?


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