Serena Williams plastic surgery

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery for tennis superstar?

Serena Williams, an American internationally recognized professional tennis superstar. She was born on September 26th, 1981 at Saginaw, Michigan, United States. The right handed superstar has won many national and international tennis tournaments and named titles to her name like the Australian Open League, French Open Championship, Wimbledon, U.S. Open Tournament, WTA Tour Championship and many more. She is tough opponent for the other world class tennis players of the age. Serena has been ranked No. 01 in the Women’s Single Tennis and also by the Women’s Tennis Association at various occasions. Till dated, she has claimed total thirty-six titles in her name including single, double and mixed doubles tournaments. Besides many upsets in her career, she never gave up and her three consecutive wins single titles (singles) and fifth Miami title, made her tying with the tennis super star of all time, Steffi Graf.

Serena Williams before and after plastic surgery

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Only few people know facts about the athlete that she is also an actress in the United States and therefore, we can call her celebrity sports women as well. There are many actresses who had their plastic surgeries in the past and number of actresses has their cosmetic surgeries. However, if we compare recent photos of Serena with her few years past photos, there are many differences in her look and size. Even there is much glow in her face complexion. She is not gaining bigger and bigger fame but many other things as well like her breast, butts and face glow. There are many rumors prevailing in the news information channels that Serena Williams might undergone breast implants, butts augmentation, tummy tuck and face treatments. The only proof is her recent photos, which describe the hidden truth. She never talked about her surgeries nor admitted at any platform but, we believe it did not happen without these initiatives.

She belongs to black African version and had black natural complexion but the recent photos depict something new and strange. She is almost white and fair. Her breast is heavier than ever, her tummy is controlled and in and her butts are bigger than before. It does not happen to the athletes unless they are retired and change in normal daily routines causes these sorts of changes in the physical appearance. Her outstanding techniques, efforts and hard work in the tennis field has attracted her activities towards the media icons and watchers. However, she must be proud of her being in the eyes of many media channels. It is pertinent to mention here that she has also changed her hair color from blond/golden shade to black. The sudden change is remarkable in the Serena.

Serena Williams before and after breasts augmentation

One thing comes to our mind that why she would have adopted the way to surgeries and the only answer comes in to win the hearts of her fans. Her fans are increasing day by day and the credit goes to the media, the close watcher groups, who have given Serena a new entry in the media updates. Besides all these facts, we are hopeful to see the super star for many many years ahead in the industry. Stay bless and fit to entertain your fans.


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