Rihanna plastic surgery

Rihanna in swimming with sharks

Glorious Rihanna uses every opportunity to further promote herself. The last in a series of such moves was famous editorial for Harper’s Bazaar for the month of March , and not just any…

Rihanna plastic surgery 1 swimming with sharks

Rihanna wiht sharks 1

Foto: Harper’s Bazaar

This time , the music princess has surpassed herself .

Rihanna plastic surgery 2 swimming with sharks

Rihanna wiht sharks 2

The singer is to start in Balmainovom gold bathing suit from the 70s and with rather long brown hair , which she does very well , showed that looks better than ever and that is more than ready for his musical comeback . But that was the least interesting.

Rihanna plastic surgery  3 swimming with sharks

Rihanna wiht sharks 3

As for the other images , they are pretty singer decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary film ” Jaws” and thus found itself surrounded by real sharks from the Florida Aquarium . ” Film me simultaneously intrigued and intimidated . Every time he came out the new sequel , not months entered the water , but only the sunbathed on the beach ,” she admitted , adding .

Rihanna plastic surgery 4

Rihanna wiht sharks 4

” I do my best to help avoiding sharks in my life , but I had several times of experience with them and I had to deal with them accordingly . But I do not swim with the sharks . The sharks are swimming with other sharks . ”


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