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Sharon Osbourne – another victim of plastic surgery?

Sharon Osbourne – another victim of plastic surgery?

Sharon Osbourne, wife of the legendary front man of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and probably the craziest woman of rock obviously has gone too far with plastic surgery, especially with poison called Botox on which you probably already know everything.

Formerly one of the more normal women (at least in appearance) in Hollywood – today is one example of how not to use the services of your favorite plastic surgeon who will, obviously, make all effort to drain money from their victims.


Sharon Osbourne  before and after plastic surgery

Swollen and puffy face, reduced eyes (because of the thick cheeks) and strange lips are evident signs that Sharon worked on it and a little bit more than she should have. In one conversation she even admitted that she spent nearly 300 000 $ on operations.

Sharon Osbourne  before and after plastic surgery

She recently said that she wants to sell her chest, especially silicone implants from them, at auction on Ebay.

Sharon is not satisfied with the appearance of her breasts and she is thinking to go again under the knife, this time to remove her silicons. “I wish I never went on last breast augmentation,” Sharon said in the British media. “They are too round and I feel like I have a waterbed on my chest. I hate my breasts, I’ll take them out and sell them on Ebay,” added 57-year-old Sharon.

Sharon Osbourne  before and after plastic surgery

“In the near future I will not perform any operations. Maybe when i’ll be sixty or more. I do not want my skin hanging from my neck. And as the mother wants to remove silicons, daughter wants to put them in.” I shall operate tits when they hang, “said 25-year-old Kelly. “I do not want my nipples touching the floor,” said Kelly, adding that plastic surgery is ideal for women like her mother and it gives a little confidence that they lost with age.


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