Sharon Stone plastic surgery

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Rumors As The Years Roll By

Sharon Stone: Fueling Plastic Surgery Rumors As The Years Roll By

Regarded as one of America’s most beautiful women, A-List actress Sharon Stone was known for setting the silver screen on fire back in her active Hollywood days. She is an Oscar-nominated actress and has had 20 wins and 34 nominations including The Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

She was born on March 10, 1958, in the town of Meadville, Pennsylvania to a factory worker dad and worked as a successful model with Ford Agency after her graduation from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. In the 80s, she ventured into acting, subsequently landing roles in movies like Irreconcilable Differences (1984) and Total Recall (1990). One of her all-time most controversial movies remains her part as femme fatale, Catherine Trammel, in the thriller Basic Instinct (1992). Not surprisingly, she was listed in Playboy Magazine “Top 25 Sexiest Stars of the Century” and People Magazine also listed her on its “50 Most Beautiful People” in the world feature.

Sharon Stone plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Speculations

As the years progress, this 58 year old astonishing beauty is showing no signs of slowing down in the looks arena. She has repeatedly stated that she has never undergone plastic surgery except for a surgery to hide a bad scar after a horseback riding accident in her 20s.

Looking at her recent pictures though, her nose looks different and her eyelids slightly lifted, but the changes are too subtle to pin point. In fact, she is so vehement in her denial of plastic surgery that in 2004 she sued a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Renato Calabria, for implying he had performed a face lift on her. The debate rages on, but here are a few indications to possible enhancements she has had along the way.

Lip Enhancement

She admits to having had her lips injected with fillers but states she was disappointed with the results and in her own words ended up looking “like a trout”. Sharon said that this experience convinced her to never try plastic surgery again, but experts in the practice are not buying that. Michigan based renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, for example, firmly believes she has definitely various procedures done.

Chemical Peels and Botox

She has repeatedly mentioned that her doctors have been trying to convince her to undergo a facelift. Though that’s unlikely to have happened as her before and after pictures do show some fine lines around the cheek and neck area.

Alternatively, she must have had minimum sessions of Botox, facial fillers and chemical peels. She has been spotted a few times with a red, blotchy face likely the result of recovering from chemical peel sessions. Other than that, she shows no major signs of going under the knife for her face and neck region.

Sharon Stone before and after plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

After baring her breasts in European magazine, Paris Match in 2009 at the age of 51, she further fueled beliefs of a breast augmentation likely done with minimal implants. The difference is very slight but noticeable.

Already in her late 50s, Sharon Stone still attributes her youthful body and looks to avoiding sugar and a rigorous daily fitness and beauty routine rather than surgery. Well, we must admit that whatever she has done appears minimal and her fans still love her with or without it.


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