Shirley MacLaine plastic surgery

Shirley MacLaine Denies Going For Plastic Surgery

Shirley MacLaine Denies Going For Plastic Surgery After Attaining 60 Years

Shirley MacLaine was born on 24th April the year 1934 in Richmond, Virginia. She is an American actress of theater and movies. She is also known for her dancing, author, and activist work. MacLaine got a grand success as well as won various awards for her incredible performances. She studied at Lee High School, Washington in her early childhood where she also learned ballet dance. Shirley MacLaine’s first film debut was The Trouble with Hurry in the year 1955. She even won a Golden Globe Award for the new star of the year with the same film. She has done many films in her acting career such as Ask Any Girl, Woman Times Seven, The Trouble Harry, Some Came Running, Out on a Limb, In Her Shoes, Coco Chanel and others.

Shirley MacLaine plastic surgery

Has Shirley MacLaine had plastic surgery procedures?

The Academy Award-winning actress admits going for plastic surgery, but 30 years after her facelift, she decided to call it off to plastic surgery procedures. She admitted that she never felt okay even after having plastic surgery and that is the reason she decided to age in a natural way. When interviewed why she had decided to go for cosmetic procedures, MacLaine said that she never cared how she looked or even how she dressed until she was at the age of 50. She admits that her roles in movies were never reliant on beauty. However, in her mid-fifties, she realized she was getting characteristics of a grandma role and that is when she went for the cosmetic procedures. She even admits that she loved her appearance after the procedure and even preferred going to restaurants with many mirrors because she had been carried away with her looks.

Facelift and neck lift

The 82-year-old actress is believed to have had facelift some years back before she called plastic surgery quits. However, most people still believe that she is still taking plastic surgery. From her recent photos, people are still speculating that she has had a facelift to maintain her young looks. But what we know is that at her late seventies, Maclaine looked the same as she was in her mid-fifties. When you look at her before photos, you will notice that Shirley had very few wrinkles in her face and neck, but after 30 years later we see her having the same looks which was not something common with most women of her age by then. Her after pictures show her having a defined chin as well as a less sagging neck. Her appearance looks not tired, and there are fewer wrinkles in her face and neck. MacLiane’s after pictures also showed her having not lost a lot of muscle tone and skin elasticity in her face and neck.

The famous actress is also speculated to have had deep chemical peels on her face so as to remove all her aging skin and become lighter again.

Shirley MacLaine before and after plastic surgery

Dermal Fillers

Pictures show MacLaine has had dermal fillers because there was a time her face had lost volume and become elastic. In the same pictures, we can see her chin muscles were visible. Later on, we see her having a fuller face which is a result of dermal fillers. People believe she used this procedure to replace her lost face fat as well as plump her lips which seemed to be thin. The 82-year-old is also said to have had other procedures such as blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing.


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