Sienna Miller plastic surgery

Sienna Miller looks great with help of plastic surgery

Sienna Miller looks great with help of plastic surgery

Sienna Miller was born on 28th December the year 1981 in New York. She attended Health-Field school in Berkshire. She later attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York to pursue acting. Miller worked as a photographic model before starting her acting career. She, later on, made her feature movie debut with the South Kensington in the year 2001. She has featured in several movies such as Layer Cake, Casanova, Alfie, Factory Girl, Camille, The Edge of Love, The Rise of Cobra just to mention a few. She was also nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best Actress Television Film in the year 2012.

Sienna Miller plastic surgery

Has Sienna Miller had Plastic Surgery?

Sienna Miller is not only known for her films, but she is also popular for her beauty which is considered a fashion ionic. Speculations of whether Miller has undergone plastic surgery are almost true because when we compare her before and after pictures, we see there is a prominence difference which lies between her looks. Most rumors say that her appearance is a result of plastic surgery, although she has never confirmed to any of these claims.

Breast Augmentation

Sienna is speculated to have had breast implants because before, people knew her having a flat chest. However, speculations of her breast implants procedures started when she was spotted on holiday somewhere in Spain having an increased cup size. An expert plastic surgeon even confirmed that Miller must have had a breast job because the visibility of the implant edge is mainly common with thin women.


Several social pages, as well as spectators, have examined her after photos, and these pictures suggest that her breasts look a bit stout compared to her before pictures which might be a result of breast implants. When you look at the pictures keenly, you will notice the difference between her then and recent photos. Her breasts have turned bigger and rounder which is explained by her then bra size which was 32B to her recent bra size which is 32C. Despite having gone for bigger breasts which are a bit big for her thin body, Sienna Miller still looks natural and stunning with her new breasts.


Besides breast augmentation, Sienna is also speculated to have had plastic surgery treatments such as Botox injection and facial fillers which she hasn’t also confirmed yet. The Gorgeous British-American actress, fashion designer, and model has recently been seen in different photos having a smoother skin as well as young facial features which call to attention the use of Botox injections and facial fillers. Her cheeks are stouter, plumper and also glowing well along with her dimples as seen in her recent photos. Her forehead is also seen to have no signs of wrinkles even when she is smiling, and that is a clear indication of using face pack fillers and Botox injections so as to maintain her youthful looks.

Sienna Miller before and after plastic surgery


The 35-year-old actress is also rumored to have had a nose job. Judging from her past and recent photos, it seems that she has improved on the looks of her nose. Her recent photos show Sienna having a pointed nose compared to her before photos which is a result of a nose job.

Now, if Sienna Miller had plastic surgery or not is a question we all have an answer to because we can tell what plastic procedures she has undergone. She looks even more natural than before.


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