Smokey Robinson plastic surgery

Smokey Robinson – Gone too far with plastic surgery?

When looking at Smokey Robinson you would never guess that he is in fact 75 years old. His looks are that of a man at least 20 years younger! How does he keep up this youthful appearance? Many plastic surgeries of course. Let’s have a look at some of these surgeries.
Smokey Robinson before and after plastic surgery

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery

brow lift

Smokey Robinson has undergone a brow lift. This is a procedure which tightens up the loose skin around the brow and forehead thus counteracting the effects of gravity and eliminating any wrinkles in the area. In Smokey’s case the brow lift surgery was not a great success as he is now in a position where his brows are a bit too far from his eyes. This has led to him having a constant almost surprised looking expression at all times which is very unnerving at times.

eye lift

He has also had an eye lift done which entails removing the bags from below the eyes as well as any excess skin on the eyelids. This part of Smokey’s transformation was an absolute success as the area around his eyes hasn’t looked as good since his twenties. The area around the eyes is very susceptible to the signs of aging and this procedure completely fixes these issues and rejuvenates this problem area.


 neck lift 

A neck lift is next on the list. This procedure entails removing and tightening excess skin from below the chin all the way down the neck to the top of the chest bone. This removes any hint of a double chin or the saggy neck skin often seen in men Smokey Robinson’s age and older. By undergoing this plastic surgery procedure Smokey has maintained a sleek and chiseled jawline, an impossible task for men of his age.

Smokey Robinson before and after plastic surgery

face lift

To complete his facial surgeries Smokey underwent a major face lift. This is an intensive plastic surgery which tightens the facial skin and the underlying muscles. Coupled with a brow lift this surgery offers the most dramatic anti aging effect. Some people say that Smokey Robinson’s facelift was also overdone since his face is completely wrinkle free and smooth – almost like he hasn’t passed his 25th birthday.


Smokey has most definitely had a series of dermafacial fillers as well as Botox injections in different areas around his face. Dermafacial fillers are injected under the skin to inflate areas which have succumbed to gravity and puff them up (much like filling a balloon). Botox injections paralyse the facial muscles causing the smaller wrinkles, which can’t be eliminated with facial fillers, to be relaxed and thus removed. Smokey has definitely made use of both these methods of wrinkle elimination to achieve the dramatic results seen in his before and after pictures. These procedures are not permanent and Smokey will need to make frequent visits to his surgeon to renew his injections and fillers.

Smokey is an example of when a celeb goes too far with plastic surgery and facial modification. Sure, a person may go under the knife but to an extent. Small touch-ups are perfectly acceptable but in this controversial topic less is definitely more.

Tell us what you think? Did he go too far or do you think this is a way to go?

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