Snooki plastic surgery

Snooki plastic surgery or harsh diet plan?

Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi is well reckoned as Snooki. She is a professional dancer and wrestler, and also a great television celebrity of United States. Santiago, Chile is his birthplace and an American family adopted her at the time when she was just six months old. Now she is living in Marlboro, the city of New York. Her middle school friends gave her the name Snooki. The reason behind this name was the movie named Save as the last dance in that was named as Snooki. One of the MTV shows called Jersey Shore made her famous. Among the reality stars, she is the one with largest payments. She got engaged with her boyfriend named Jionni LaValle during 2012. She announced the happy news of having a second child in the month of April in the year 2014 through Twitter. After Snooki’s first baby she put on some weight but during the year 2013 she emerged in media with a gorgeous look more beautiful than ever, due to which gossips about the procedures of her Plastic surgery started and this subject is still under discussion.

Snooki before and after plastic surgery, nose job and dental work
Snooki Plastic surgery

People were of the view that it seems quite impossible to reduce such a considerable weight in just a period of five months. In order to see the difference, you just need to compare her old and new images and the difference is quite considerable. That is the reason why various people are questioning if her appearance is natural or is just the result of various procedures of plastic surgery. She also had undergone various dental procedures for the improvement of her smile, to illuminate it and also for the fixation of her teeth. That proved to be successful and, as a result, her smile is beautiful and shiny now.  Some of the suppositions about her plastic surgery procedures are the Facelift, Nose job, liposuction and breast augmentation.

Nose job and breast augmentation

If you look at her pregnancy images, you will come to know that she had done nose job because it was quite different before. During pregnancy, she said many times that she will do plastic surgery for the enlargement of her breasts.

Snooki before and after plastic surgery and weight loss

Liposuction and facelift

She put on some weight after pregnancy but after a period of five months, she appeared quite skinny in public. That is the reason that why people wonder that Snooki had undergone liposuction. As her facial skin is quite smooth, gorgeous and clear, that is why people wonder that she had undergone procedures for a facelift.

Rumors about Snooki Plastic Surgery Procedures

When people asked her regarding her great weight loss in such a time span, she mentioned that this all is the result of her hard work and harsh diet plan that she followed for various months for the improvement of her looks. Moreover, she cleared that whenever she will go under the knife, she will bluntly say about it to the public with no regrets. She also said that she is very happy that all her workouts and diet plans really paid her off and now she feels quite confident about her present looks. But still most of the people don’t believe her.


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