Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery

Stephanie Pratt innocent look changed with plastic surgery

Stephanie Pratt plastic surgeries

Stephanie Pratt is well known for her first appearance on Tv in the modern reality The Hills. Back then we could see her as a very young woman with natural beauty and charming smile. But let’s see more closely what is the situation with her look now. That innocent look she had at the beginning of her career hasn’t lasted long. Now we can notice many small changes over her face and body that would raise the questions about plastic surgery and it effects. Well, let’s see her face first.

The most distinctive change we can not pass by quietly is her lips that pop out. In her first appearance on the Tv Stephanie had that adorable smile with thin lips. Now the situation is entirely different. The trend of pouty lips has conquered the world, and famous actresses had undergone some lip changes to adjust their look to the ever growing and demanding beauty trends. It seems like Stephanie had no choice but to give another push to her popularity with new pouty lips. We can quickly notice the huge change in her appearance from a glance. Sometimes when lips are filled too much, that can result in “overdone.” Most questions from her fans cover this topic and extend in the area of plastic surgery. But her changes don’t stop there. The rhinoplastic surgeries are another useful tool to correct the flaws of your nose and it seems that Stephanie Pratt has benefited from it.

Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery

In her latest photos, we can notice a huge difference, her nose is thinner and little shorter. Older pictures show her natural looking nose has a thicker bridge and it used to be bulbous. Now all you can notice is perfectly made nostrils and overall thinner look. It is not a surprise for most people that rhinoplasty is in top five plastic surgeries in the US. This obsession has brought a lot of famous people to the idea of undergoing a nose job for a perfect look.

Apparently, Stephanie Pratt tried that popular trend too. Her young age doesn’t save her from the beauty critics. Making a career as an actress has its own pros and cons. But isn’t the natural beauty that wins our attention in the first place?

Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery

Another notable change came to notice when Stephanie appeared in Made in Chelsea where it is evident that Botox won the fight with natural beauty. Her nose seemed out of place, and her face looked lumpy. As Botox is one of the most used substances, it should be used in small amounts though because instead, it can displace the proportions of the face.

The last one but the not least significant change in Stephanie Pratt’s body is her breast augmentation. Comparing old photos with the latest one on the Internet we can see that her breasts have grown in a short period of time which can lead us to another popular plastic surgery that includes breast implants.


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