Steven Tyler plastic surgery 7

Steven Tyler plastic surgery

Steven Tyler 2015, front man of Aerosmith, was born on March 26, 1948 in Yonkers, New York under name Steven Victor Tallarico. Steven is an artist who has been acting, playing various instruments and being judge in American idol show. Aerosmith (Boston) – one of the last great rock bands that is still rocking, has gotten him the title of scream devil based on his ability to sing in sharp and shrill voice.

Last year he finally decided to go public and has confessed he had done some cosmetic plastic surgery and being constantly using Botox injections. Professional surgeons say he probably had some kind of substances like radiesse and perlane injected in his cheeks to smooth out under his eyes.


Steven Tyler plastic surgery

Before and after plastic surgery

After comparing some pictures, surgeons came to a conclusion that he must have undergone some kind of skin whitening. He probably had a facelift and his big lip is probably all natural. Some think he had a nose job because it appears to be a little thinner than in early pictures. Many years of using Botox have left his face like plastic, without emotions and expressions. It looks like he doesn’t realize that many years of getting Botox permanently damages natural appearance of skin.

Steven Tyler before and after plastic surgery

Many of his fans are saying that they would like to see him in wrinkles rather than in his botched jobs. Did he got carried away with all these procedures? Plastic surgery should be used to correct some flaws that cannot be fixed naturally. Aging is a natural process and trying hard to fight it can have results till some point but eventually aging has to be accepted.

Steven Tyler plastic surgery

Like father like daughter – Liv Tyler the only daughter of model and former Playboy Playmate Bebe Buell and Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler has the same opinion on plastic surgery as her dad…



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