Suzanne Somers plastic surgery for rise of popularity?

Suzanne Somers

She was born on October of 1946. in the promised land of films and shows and her first step in the show-business was modelling in San Bruno, before she moved to Los Angeles. The logical choice was that she will begin to act and she started in the late 1960. She got the popularity in Hoolywood by acting in sitcoms Step by Step abc Three is a Company.

The starlet confirmed the popularity in 1980. and 1984. posing for Playboy. Also, in her career she was having a lessons in poetry and course of singing, but with no noticed events. Her adut no.1 was (is) the physical look and she wants to keep it. Suzanne wanted to have still a young look in a competitive film industry, so she has done a lot of plastic surgery.

Suzanne Somers before and after plastic surgery

Did her face lift gone wrong? However, when the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration in the U.S.A.) get the decision and forbid to Suzanne a plastic surgery of her face, she left to another country where it was allowed. Why she did it? In the film industry competition is big, and she had a plan how to remain as young as possible and she took that decision sure lead by this preposition.

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery

Still, she was having extensive practice, diet and quality cosmetic treatments. It was not enough to have a younger and tighter look. Primary, people are convinced that she did not have a regular plastic surgery and face lifting, but that she had breast reconstruction and did stem cell implants in the face. See these pictures and get the explanation to her much more bigger lips and over sized chin.

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery

Is Your opinion that Suzanne Somers looks better than before the plastic surgery? Try to look at the photos and get more information about her well known career moments.

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